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Alum Lucy Knisley Keynote Speaker at MSU Comic Forum Conference

February 23, 2018

Post for MSU Comics Forum 2018 by Lucy Knisley

Lucy Knisley (’09) is the Creator Keynote Speaker for the Michigan State University Comics Forum 2018. Last year, our very own James Sturm (Market Place) was the Creator Keynote Speaker. The Forum is a multi-day event every year for scholars, creators, and fans of comics. As the creator keynote, Lucy got to draw the poster for the event.

Lucy Knisley

Lucy brings a lot of experiences to talk about. Since 2008, she has published five graphic novels: French Milk, Relish, An Age of License, Displacement, and Something New. All are autobiographical. She has also drawn the children’s book Margaret and the Moon, written by Dean Robbins, about how Margaret Hamilton calculate the first moon landing. And still to come are New Kid about Lucy’s high-school years, Kid Gloves about becoming a parent, and You Are New, a children’s book about what babies can and cannot do.

Santiago Naranjo (’16) reading Something New by Lucy Knisley

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Air and Space picks Knisley’s “Margaret and the Moon”

Margaret and the Moon cover and a photo of Margaret Hamilton

Margaret and the Moon, written by Dean Robbins and illustrated by Lucy Knisley (’09) was released in May this year, telling the story of one of the women of NASA, Margaret Hamilton. And now Air and Space, a Smithsonian magazine, has listed it among the best aviation- and space-themed children’s books of 2017. “Young readers are sure to be engrossed . . . .”

Page from Margaret and the Moon

Margaret Hamilton originally started working for NASA on the Apollo space mission. Her teams were responsible for developing in-flight software and the systems software, including error detection and recovery software (like restarts). She helped Apollo 11 land on the moon after several computer alarms went of and became the hero of the mission. She also coined the term “software engineering” during these Apollo space missions!

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The Center for Cartoon Studies in the DINKy award

The DINKys are the awards at the Denver Independent Comics and Art Expo and are in their second year. This weekend is DINK, and the awards are announced Saturday, April 8 at 7:30 p.m. The Center for Cartoon Studies family has some wonderful representatives! Good luck to you all!

Librarian Santiago Naranjo (’09) reading Something New by Lucy Knisley

Best-Work Self Published

Scraps by John Carvajal (’15)

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Alum Spotlight: Lucy Knisley


Lucy Knisley graduated from The Center for Cartoon Studies in 2009. Since then she has created multiple graphic novels, with more already on the way. She gave me (Angela Boyle ’15) a brief interview.

Who was your advisor and why did you choose them?

Lynda Barry! I love her. I chose her for a number of reasons: First of all, she is amazing. I was pretty burnt out after two years of art high school, four years of art college, and a year of CCS, and I needed a lot of freedom and space to do my thesis, and she offered that. She was such a breath of fresh air—mental health and freedom over productivity and monetary value in work. Exactly what the doctor ordered.


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CCS at MICE Expo in Cambridge

September 28, 2013toSeptember 29, 2013



September 28-29
Cambridge, MA

With special guest The Center for Cartoon Studies graduate Lucy Knisley

Faculty, alumni and students also participating in several other programs and panels including R. Sikoryak’s special edition of his long running comics/performance series, and Making Mini-Comics! with Jon Chad.

Alum exhibiting: Carl Antonowicz, Matt Aucoin, Jon Chad, Lena Chandhok, Dog City Press, Holly Foltz, Sophie Goldstein, Beth Hetland, Allie Kleber, Lucy Knisley, Jeff Lok, Mia Onorato, Paul Swartz.

For more information, visit:

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Alumni Alert!

Congratulations to Lucy Knisley (CCS ’09) on the publication of Relish, available from First Second Books this April. Looks delicious, Lucy!

Details about Lucy’s Relish tour can be found on her blog.

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MoCCA Fest This Weekend

The Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art’s MoCCA Arts Fest is this weekend, April 6-7. The Center for Cartoon Studies will be camped out at table G204. Come by and see us, CCS alums Carl Antonowicz, Lena Chandhok, Lucy Knisley and other fine folks!

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CAKE Chicago: Special Guest Alum Lucy Knisley

June 16, 2012toJune 17, 2012

Chicago Alternative Comics Expo [CAKE]
June 16 & 17

CAKE Special Guest, CCS alum Lucy Knisley! Visit Lucy’s site to read her webcomic, Stop Paying Attention, and to buy comics:

Also, debuting at CAKE: Island Brat 2, by CCS Alum Colleen Frakes. Island Brat is about living on McNeil Island, home to America’s last island prison, accessible only by air or sea. Visit Colleen’s site:

CCS students and alum exhibiting, include: Sophie GoldsteinSasha SteinbergSean FordChuck ForsmanColleen FrakesPenina GalBeth HetlandLucy KnisleyJosh KramerMelissa MendesAnnie MurphyBetsey Swardlick.

CCS fellows Blaise Larmee and Gabby Schulz will also be exhibiting!

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Nursery Rhyme Comics features 5 CCS Alumni!

Edited by CCS thesis advisor Chris Duffy, this destined-to-be-a-classic collection of 50 nursery rhymes features the work of CCS alumni Andrew Arnold, J.P. Coovert, Alexis Frederick-Frost, Lucy Knisley, and Mo Oh. Buy a copy today!

Read the Schulz Blog story featuring alumni stories from the book!

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