Summer Workshop Spotlight: Young Adult Comics with Jo Knowles and Tillie Walden

Crafting authentic, relatable teen characters and narratives

Winter time often brings people to reflect back on their youth, such as the books they used to read. If these musing have inspired you to create stories for the next generation of young adults, it is a good time to sign up for Creating Graphic Novels for the Young Adult Market. For five days from August 5–9, you can learn from with Jo Knowles (Still a Work In Progress, Read Between the Lines) and Tillie Walden ’16 (SpinningOn a Sunbeam) about crafting authentic, relatable teen characters and narratives. Through lectures and exercises, you will examine the idiosyncrasies of the young adult genre.

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Everything Is Fine Anna by Anna Sellheim ’16

Anna Sellheim ’16 creates the web comic Everything Is Fine and helps run Square City Comics, a comic collective in the DC area. She did the following interview with Angela Boyle ’16.

What is your favorite thing to teach about comics?

My favorite thing to teach about comics is the various ways you can get your characters to emote. Whether that’s facial expressions, body language, or use of emanata (one of my fave lessons is teaching emanata). My comics are all about characters and emotions, so I love helping students learn how to make their characters express themselves. (more…)

Children’s Book Workshop: Exploring Jewish Themes and Content

Sponsored by PJ Library
with James Sturm and Rabbi Shirley Idelson

June 3-7, 2019

Admitted participants receive scholarships for the full cost of tuition, lodging and special events, as well as travel and food stipends.

Every month PJ Library mails out more than 200,000 picture books for children that focus on Jewish themes, subjects, and values. This summer, PJ Library is sponsoring a week-long intensive workshop to help eight visual storytellers create a draft of a children’s book. (more…)