Next Up Visiting Artist: Ben Passmore

Your Black Friend by Ben Passmore

Ben Passmore makes mad comics in his dusty room, including DAYGLOAYHOLE, Goodbye, and Ignatz Award-winning comic Your Black Friend. He’s a regular contributor at The Nib and Vice. He likes to write about politics, monsters, race, sad punks, and narcissism. He is one of the founding organizers of NOCAZ (New Orleans Alternative Comics and Zine Fest).

Ben Passmore


Summer Workshop Spotlight

Alec Longstreth

Beginning Animation Workshop
July 9–13

Eventbrite - The Center for Cartoon Studies Summer Workshops

If you are ready to make your comics walk and talk, you can join Alec Longstreth in Beginning Animation (July 9–13). Cartoonists and animators often walk hand in hand. And often that hand they hold is their own. Many cartoonists take their expertise into the animation industry, often through story boarding and more. (more…)

Next Up Visiting Artist: Margot Ferrick

Yours by Margot Ferrick

Margot Ferrick book Yours is published by 2dcloud.

Alum Spotlight: Carl Mefferd

Art by Carl Mefferd

Falling Awake is the debut graphic novel for Carl Mefferd ’11. The story follows a young woman who lives in a world of magic and monsters, but when she falls asleep she lives in modern America. The comic is 88 pages of full color, printed through Rare Earth Comics with funding through Kickstarter this past September. Then it premiered at NYCC in October 2017. The following interview is with Angela Boyle ’16. (more…)

Visiting Artist: Kevin Czap

Futchi Perf by Kevin Czap

Kevin Czap is a cartoonist and publisher who’s recently found a home in Providence, RI. Known to some as “Comics Mom,” Czap has been active in the scene since 2010, teaching, blogging, cheerleading, and co-organizing a convention in the meantime. They currently are focused on celebrating comics through the micro-press Czap Books, and continuing to put out personal projects. (more…)

Alum Lucy Knisley Keynote Speaker at MSU Comic Forum Conference

Post for MSU Comics Forum 2018 by Lucy Knisley

Lucy Knisley (’09) is the Creator Keynote Speaker for the Michigan State University Comics Forum 2018. Last year, our very own James Sturm (Market Place) was the Creator Keynote Speaker. The Forum is a multi-day event every year for scholars, creators, and fans of comics. As the creator keynote, Lucy got to draw the poster for the event.

Lucy Knisley

Lucy brings a lot of experiences to talk about. Since 2008, she has published five graphic novels: French Milk, Relish, An Age of License, Displacement, and Something New. All are autobiographical. She has also drawn the children’s book Margaret and the Moon, written by Dean Robbins, about how Margaret Hamilton calculate the first moon landing. And still to come are New Kid about Lucy’s high-school years, Kid Gloves about becoming a parent, and You Are New, a children’s book about what babies can and cannot do.

Santiago Naranjo (’16) reading Something New by Lucy Knisley