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Visiting Artist: Evan Dahm

Comic work by Evan Dahm

Evan Dahm lives in Brooklyn and has been creating and self-publishing fantasy graphic novels since 2006, including Rice Boy and Vattu. He’s also illustrated and published editions of The Wizard of Oz and Moby-Dick, and he’s currently working on a book for First Second Books, called Island Book. On his Patreon, you can follow along as he continues working on projects.

Comic work by Evan Dahm

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Alum Spotlight:
Sarah “Chu” Wilson

Chu self-portrait

Sarah “Chu” Wilson (’15) is a web comic maniac. She has two series going, Slightly Damned and The Junk Hyenas Diner, and continues to make various minicomics.

First page of Slightly Damned

Slightly Damned started in 2004 and continued through her time at The Center to Cartoon Studies to now. Chu posts one color page per week. The fantasy story follows Rhea through Hell after she was murdered in an action-adventure romantic comedy.

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Visiting Artist: Danielle Corsetto


Danielle Corsetto is the artist and creator of Girls With Slingshots. She created her first comic strip when she was 8, starting with a blatant rip-off of Garfield called Fat Cat. She started writing Hazelnutsin high school, and ran a semi-autobio comic about super-senior college kids called Ramblers in the student paper at Shepherd College (as well as Pop Image and World Famous Comics). She also briefly ran a comic called Larry and Caroline in the Hagerstown Herald-Mail newspaper.

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The Cartoonist Studio Prize: The Shortlist


The 10 graphic novels and 10 Web comics up for Slate’s second annual comics prize.  Click here to see the nominees for best graphic novel and web comic of the year! The list includes ambitious work by lifetime masters of the medium and first comics by talented young artists.

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