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Next Up Visiting Artist: Ben Passmore

Your Black Friend by Ben Passmore

Ben Passmore makes mad comics in his dusty room, including DAYGLOAYHOLE, Goodbye, and Ignatz Award-winning comic Your Black Friend. He’s a regular contributor at The Nib and Vice. He likes to write about politics, monsters, race, sad punks, and narcissism. He is one of the founding organizers of NOCAZ (New Orleans Alternative Comics and Zine Fest).

Ben Passmore


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Visiting Artist: Larry Gonick

The Cartoon History of the Universe by Larry Gonick

For the past 40 years, Larry Gonick has used the medium of comics to convey complex ideas. He has written or co-authored 16 books and created several comic strips. The first installment of his famous world-history series, The Cartoon History of the Universe (Doubleday),

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Next Up Visiting Artist: Richie Pope

"The Hidden Radicalism of Southern Food" for The New York Times by Richie Pope

“The Hidden Radicalism of Southern Food” for The New York Times by Richie Pope

Richie Pope is an illustrator and cartoonist currently living in Dallas, Texas. Pope has worked with publications such as The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Google, Scientific American, TIME, Nautlius, Tor Books/, and The Washington Post. Pope has been recognized by both the Society of Illustrators and Spectrum.

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Visiting Artist: Evan Dahm

Comic work by Evan Dahm

Evan Dahm lives in Brooklyn and has been creating and self-publishing fantasy graphic novels since 2006, including Rice Boy and Vattu. He’s also illustrated and published editions of The Wizard of Oz and Moby-Dick, and he’s currently working on a book for First Second Books, called Island Book. On his Patreon, you can follow along as he continues working on projects.

Comic work by Evan Dahm

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Visiting Artist: Alum Sophie Goldstein

Sophie Goldstein (’13) is cartoonist, illustrator, and comics instructor based in the great city of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia. Her book The Oven, published by AdHouse Books, won two Ignatz awards and was nominated for the Cartoonist Studio Prize. Her latest book, House of Womena collection of the Ignatz award-winning, self-published mini comic series—will be coming out from Fantagraphics this fall. Sophie’s first comics endeavor was Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell, a web comic co-written with Jenn Jordan. It was self-published with funding from Kickstarter in 2013. Sophie has also illustrated a children’s book, Poopy Claws (Overdue Media, 2012), written by Gene Ambaum. Her work has appeared in various publications, including Best American Comics 2013 (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013), Fable Comics (First Second, 2015), The Pitchfork Review, Cricket Magazine, Sleep of Reason (Iron Circus, 2013), and Symbolia Magazine, among others.

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Visiting Artist: Hillary Chute

Work by Hillary Chute

Hillary Chute’s book Why Comics? From Underground to Everywhere will be out from HarperCollins in December 2017. She has taught at the University of Chicago and Harvard University and is professor of English and Art + Design at Northeastern University. She is also the author of Disaster Drawn: Visual Witness, Comics, and Documentary Form (Belknap, 2016), Outside the Box: Interviews with Contemporary Cartoonists (University of Chicago Press, 2014), and Graphic Women: Life Narrative and Contemporary Comics (Columbia University Press, 2010), as well as associate editor of Art Spiegelman’s MetaMaus (Pantheon). She has collaborated with cartoonists such as Spiegelman and Alison Bechdel, and has written for publications including Artforum, Bookforum, The New York Review of Books, and Poetry.

Hillary Chute

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Visiting Artist:
Ali Fitzgerald

Comic by Ali Fitzgerald

In 2015, Ali Fitzgerald began a series of comic workshops with refugees that were then supported by Comic Invasion and Amnesty International. Her first graphic novel, based on these workshops as well as Berlin’s historical/contemporary relationship to immigration and bohemia, will be published by Fantagraphics in spring 2018. At the Cornish CCS Residency Fellowship, she’ll work on a series of comics investigating the aesthetics of nationalism and propaganda. Ali lives in Berlin, Germany, and mostly works in the milieu of socially critical visual narratives. She currently contributes comics and visual essays to New York Magazine’s The Cut and The New Yorker.

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Visiting Artists:
Mo Willems and Liniers

Artwork by Mo Willems and Liniers

Mo Willems’s work in children’s books, TV, animation, theater, and bubble gum card painting has garnered three Caldecott Honors, two Geisel Medals, five Geisel Honors, three Carnegie Medals, six Emmys, and multiple bubble gum cards. He is best known for his Elephant & Piggie books and worst known for his Cartoon Network TV series, Sheep in the Big City.

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Pulp Culture Comics Arts Festival and Symposium

October 19, 2017toOctober 21, 2017

Page from Berlin, by The Center for Cartoon Studies faculty Jason Lutes

October 19-21, 2017, the Pulp Culture Comic Arts Festival and Symposium will present a series of five panels throughout the day that explore different aspects of nonfiction cartooning. Drawing together cartoonists, writers, and academics, including CCS faculty and alum, the hour-long panels will foster a rich dialog between panelists and audience. Panels will be held in the Fleming Auditorium (Room 101) in the Fleming Museum, just downstairs from the Cartoonist Exhibition Hall.

You can see multiple current and former teachers on different panels. Sophie Yanow, the newest addition to the teaching staff at The Center for Cartoon Studies as well as a student and a fellow there (she’s done it all), recently released her third graphic novel, What Is a Glacier? Jason Lutes, one of many beloved figures at CCS, is working away at Berlin, releasing issue 21 last year. James Kochalka was a teacher, wrote the CCS fight song, and later became the first Vermont Cartoonist Laureate. Marek Bennett, former applied cartooning adviser, continues his work with summer workshops combining comics, music, and education.

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An Evening With Juliacks

November 3, 2017
6:30 pmto7:45 pm

Cover of Architecture of an Atom by Juliacks

A CCS First Friday event!

Friday, November 3, 6:3o pm

at The Center for Cartoon Studies
Old Post Office campus building, 46 South Main Street

Open to the public. Doors open at 6:3o pm. Talk begins at 6:45pm.

Juliacks is the writer and creator of Architecture of an Atom (2d Cloud, 2017). This graphic novel was developed and completed at the residencies Martha Street Studios (Winnipeg,) Entreprise Culturelle (Paris,) BHQFU (New York City), and De Ateliers (Amsterdam) and in New Jersey. From 2010–2016, Juliacks co-created this nonlinear, transmedia narrative. Working with artistic communities and groups of Lyon, Stockholm, Gotland, Helsinki, Rome, Winnipeg, New York, Copenhagen, and Malmö, she devised a searching, functional, method-based system to create a series of abstract fictional and site-specific films. These works have exhibited, screened, and performed at museums (MoMA PS1, Moderna, MAC-Lyon, Centre-Geneva, Kiasma), galleries (Silberkuppe, Essex Flowers, Salon de Montrouge), film and comics festivals (Cineglobe, Zinebi, Crack, Antimatter, Cine-Rebis), and alternative art spaces (Néon, Atomic Centre, GrrrndZero) in North America and Europe. Fiction, and its layered construction, is the basis of Juliacks’s work, which takes the form of books, films, theater, performance, installations, paintings, tapestries, and comics. Her current project, Transversal Scepters | The Antecedents, crosses time by using criminal archives and technologies from the 17th and 21st century in the Netherlands and North America as touchstones to hallucinate alternative futures. This project has been awarded with a research development grant from the Mondriaan Fonds. Juliacks is a recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship, and the ENSBA-Lyon, Néon, LA BOX, De Ateliers residencies and grants.

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