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SPX 2014 Special Alt-Weekly Comic Guests: Lynda Barry, Jules Feiffer, and James Sturm

September 13, 2014toSeptember 14, 2014


SPX  will salute pioneers and early popularizers of the alt-weekly comic by bringing in such major guests as “alt-comics godfather” Jules Feiffer, the Pulitzer-winning Village Voice legend and author/screenwriter/playwright; Lynda Barry, the great “Ernie Pook’s Comeek”/Chicago Reader cartoonist turned inspiring college educator; and The Center for Cartoon Studies co-founder James Sturm (“Market Day,” RAW), who co-founded Seattle’s The Stranger.

Read all about the Special Alt-Weekly programming from Michael Cavna of The Washington Post!

The SPX festival is held in Bethesda, Maryland, on September 13 & 14. For more information, visit:

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Visiting Artist: Bob Sikoryak

R. Sikoryak is best known for his collection Masterpiece Comics.  He was formerly an associate editor and contributor to RAW, the groundbreaking 1980s comic
anthology. He’s drawn for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Onion, Nickelodeon,The New Yorker, and other media titans.  Sikoryak is also known for his “Carousel” series of multimedia comics slideshows, featuring cartoonists like Lauren Weinstein, Michael Kupperman, Jason Little, and himself, which have been presented in various venues in the United States and Canada since 1997. Sikoryak relocated to White River Junction for the 2011-12 academic year to teach at The Center for Cartoon Studies.

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Cartoon Studies New Summer Workshop: Animation for Cartoonists with Scott Dikkers

August 15, 2011toAugust 19, 2011

Animation is a natural outgrowth of cartooning, but the skill set, tools and tricks of the trade are very different. A faculty of experienced and award-winning animators and animation producers will guide students through the fundamentals of 2D animation: designing characters that can move and act, creating compelling sound design, pacing the action, and structuring stories & gags. Students will work hands-on in every facet of the process, and each student will complete his or her own short animated scene. We’ll explore the history of animation from its humble beginnings to the current state of the animation industry today. Students will emerge with a rich understanding of how to make an animated film, and the skills to get started. The workshop runs August 15-19, led by faculty Scott Dikkers, founding editor of The Onion, and Jennifer Shiman (30-Second Bunnies Theatre).  For more info and to register…

This workshop is sponsored by the Will and Ann Eisner Family Foundation, Technology Initiative. Supporting the advancement of education, technology, and innovation for cartoonists.

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Summer Workshop Line Up

Summer is a great time for cartooning adventures! Brush up on some skills, learn new ones, or discover the world of cartooning for the first time ever. This summer we’re offering an exciting line up, including the Annual Create Comics, the college level Cartooning Studio and Extended Studio Option, and a brand new Animation for Cartoonists workshop with Scott Dikkers, founding editor of The Onion.

Go to  Summer Workshops …

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James Sturm

James Sturm is a cartoonist and educator. He is currently the Director of The Center for Cartoon Studies, a two-year cartooning school located in White River Junction, Vermont.

In 1991 James received a Master of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, moved to Seattle and co-founded the alternative weekly, The Stranger. That same year Fantagraphics began publishing his Eisner-nominated comic book series The Cereal Killings.

During the next five years James was the art director of The Stranger, collaborated with syndicated columnist (and talking head) Dan Savage producing two issues of the comic book Savage Love. In 1996 James received a Xeric grant for his comic The Revival. From 1997-2001 James lived in Savannah, Georgia and taught at the Savannah College of Art and Design in the sequential art department.

In 1998 Drawn and Quarterly published the story Hundreds of Feet Below Daylight, the second in a trilogy of American historical fiction pieces. Three years later came the last installment of the trilogy, the best-selling and award-winning graphic novel The Golem’s Mighty Swing. The book has been translated into several languages and was named “Best Comic 2001″ by Time Magazine.

An avid collector of Marvel Comics in his youth James wrote and designed the 2004 Eisner award winning Unstable Molecules, a four issue series and trade paperback featuring the characters based on the Fantastic Four, and published by Marvel Comics.

James’ most recent books include Satchel Paige, Striking Out Jim Crow, Adventures in Cartooning (with CCS alumni Andrew Arnold and Alexis Frederick-Frost), and Market Day. With CCS alumni Brandon Elston, James edited Denys Wortman’s New York.

James’ writings and illustrations have appeared in scores of national and regional publications including The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Onion, The New York Times, Slate, and on the cover of The New Yorker.

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