Next Up Visiting Artist: Sophia Foster-Dimino

Sophia Foster-Dimino is an Ignatz-winning cartoonist and illustrator living and working in San Francisco, CA. Foster-Dimino has produced illustrations for a variety of outlets and worked as a Google Doodler. She has self-published a number of zines and contributed to several anthologies. Her ongoing series, Sex Fantasy, has received critical acclaim, earning her Ignatz Awards for both Outstanding Series and Outstanding mini-comic, as well as a third for Promising New Talent. Koyama Press released a compilation of Sex Fantasy at the Small Press Expo 2017.

Another great review for The Center for Cartoon Studies Alum Laura Terry’s Graveyard Shakes

“Terry never loses sight of the idea that even misfits can find community by being themselves…”
-Publisher’s Weekly

Laura Terry’s (’10) soon to release graphic novel, Graveyard Shakes (Scholastic), receives another great review! Here’s a link to Publisher’s Weekly review.

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Visiting Artist: Howard Cruse

Howard Cruse’s comic strips and humorous illustrations have appeared in American Bystander, Playboy, The Village Voice, Artforum International, Heavy Metal, The Advocate, and numerous other mainstream American magazines, as well as in underground comic books. Aside from cartooning, Cruse’s creative ventures have included art director positions in both Birmingham and New York City. Cruse’s comic strip Wendel was regularly featured in The Advocate between 1983-89 and he is best known for the award winning graphic novel Stuck Rubber Baby published in 1995, which has won both Eisner and Harvey Awards in the U.S. in 1996 and, in translation, a Luchs Award in Germany, a Prix de la critique at the International Comics Festival in Angouleme, France in 2002, and a Comics Critics Award in Spain. Cruse was the founding editor in 1980 of Gay Comix.

Alum Spotlight: Luke Healy

Spread from "How to Survive in the North" by Luke Healy

Luke Healy‘s (’14) debut comic How to Survive in the North started as his thesis at The Center for Cartoon Studies and was later picked up for publication by Nobrow Press. This comic is based on the true story of Ada Blackjack, an Inuit woman who survived a disaster of an expedition in the Arctic, and weaves in a fictional story to better explore the events. How to Survive in the North is a Junior Library Guild Selection and one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2016.

  • Alex Dueben, “Interview: Luke Healy on Arctic Expeditions and How to Survive in the North”
  • Comic Bastards: “You could read a lot of this story as a warning to people to recognize when a situation is dangerous.”
  • Deborah Stevenson, Muse: “The two Arctic tales . . . are truly haunting. . . .”

Page from "How to Survive in the North" by Luke Healy (more…)

Alum D.W. newest comic, Mountebank, releases with Fantagraphics

NEW!  D.W. (’12) newest comic, Mountebank, with Fantagraphics. A mountebank is a someone who deceives others, especially to trick them out of their money. Doubt you will feel tricked out of your money getting this book, the illustration style does trick your mind. It’s a psychedelic doodle book stretching the boundaries of what is a comic.

This is D.W.’s first comic with Fantagraphics. It was also featured as a notable comic in the 2016 Best American Comics. You can already see his psychedelic work in volumes 2, 4, 5, and 6 of Irene, a comic anthology D.W. founded with classmates  Andy Warner and Dakota McFadzean.

Click here to order Mountebank.



Visiting Artist:
An Nguyen

An Nguyen is a Canadian cartoonist living in Ontario. Her most recent work is So Pretty / Very Rotten written with Jane Mai and published by Koyama Press. An also draws comics under the name Saicoink and is known for her comic series Open Spaces and Closed Places. Nguyen has drawn comics for Spera: Ascension of the Starless, Electric Ant zine, and various Love Love Hill anthologies. In addition to So Pretty / Very Rotten, she and Jane Mai also released a zine titled Don’t Talk to Me or I’ll Set Myself on Fire.

Spinning by alum Tillie Walden releases September 12

Tillie Walden and her newest book, Spinning

Spinning by Tillie Walden (’16) is coming out in just about a week on September 12, 2017. Her fourth graphic novel, this is her first with First Second. She has also published I Love This Part, A City Inside, and The End of Summer with Avery Hill Publishing, released through Retrofit Comics in the United States. It will be coming out to marvelous reviews.

Page from Spinning by Tillie Walden

  • Booklist Online: “She uses negative space to great effect, elegantly depicting her loneliness and isolation while simultaneously emphasizing how deeply she feels unable to speak up for herself.”
  • Cathy Camper, Lambda Literary: ” At school, another student, Grace, bullies her, so skating becomes a kind of after-school refuge. Not a refuge from everything, however: Tillie develops a secret crush on another girl. . . .”


The Cornish CCS Residency Fellowship AWARDED TO ALI FITZGERALD

In 2015, Ali began a series of  comic workshops with refugees which were then supported by Comic Invasion and Amnesty InternationalHer first graphic novel, based on these workshops as well as Berlin’s historical//contemporary relationship to immigration and bohemia, will be published by Fantagraphics in the Spring of 2018. At The Cornish CCS Fellowship Residency, she’ll work on a series of comics investigating the aesthetics of nationalism and propaganda.  

Ali lives in Berlin and mostly works in the milieu of socially-critical visual narratives. She currently contributes comics and visual essays to New York Magazine’s The Cut  and The New Yorker. She has also contributed art-world comics to Art Magazin and Modern Painters and created the popular comic Hungover Bear and Friends for McSweeney’s, which ran from 2013 to 2016.

She has been a regular arts writer for Art21 since 2010 and founded the column Queer Berlin in 2013. Her artwork has been exhibited extensively in the U.S. and Europe as well as featured or mentioned  in the New York TimesArtlies!, Afar, The Berlin Quarterly, The Guardian, The Economist, Taggespeigel, Tip Magazin, Varoom Magazine and Art in America.  For more information on Ali Fitzgerald visit:


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