Next Up Visiting Artist: Evan Dahm

Comic work by Evan Dahm

Evan Dahm lives in Brooklyn and has been creating and self-publishing fantasy graphic novels since 2006, including Rice Boy and Vattu. He’s also illustrated and published editions of The Wizard of Oz and Moby-Dick, and he’s currently working on a book for First Second Books, called Island Book. On his Patreon, you can follow along as he continues working on projects.

Comic work by Evan Dahm

Visiting Artist: Sophie Goldstein

Sophie Goldstein (’13) is cartoonist, illustrator, and comics instructor based in the great city of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia. Her book The Oven, published by AdHouse Books, won two Ignatz awards and was nominated for the Cartoonist Studio Prize. Her latest book, House of Womena collection of the Ignatz award-winning, self-published mini comic series—will be coming out from Fantagraphics this fall. Sophie’s first comics endeavor was Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell, a web comic co-written with Jenn Jordan. It was self-published with funding from Kickstarter in 2013. Sophie has also illustrated a children’s book, Poopy Claws (Overdue Media, 2012), written by Gene Ambaum. Her work has appeared in various publications, including Best American Comics 2013 (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013), Fable Comics (First Second, 2015), The Pitchfork Review, Cricket Magazine, Sleep of Reason (Iron Circus, 2013), and Symbolia Magazine, among others. (more…)

Alum Melissa Mendes’s new issue of The Weight

Cover of The Weight, Number 6, by Melissa Mendes

A new issue of The Weight, No. 6, by Melissa Mendes (’10) is out through Radiator Comics. The comics is inspired by a short autobiography that her grandfather John Albert Ridgeway wrote at the end of his life, chronicling a long life of hard work. The comic focuses on Edie, a young girl born during depression-era, rural New York State.

Melissa publishes the comic online, two pages, a week. But she also publishes it in print, which you can subscribe to on her Patreon. Each black-and-white issue is between 15 and 40 pages long, with this latest issue at 24 pages. (more…)

Alum Katherine Roy on tour

How to be an Elephant by Katherine Roy

Katherine Roy’s (’10) latest book How to Be an Elephant is out and she is on tour. Traipsing through California in October, she is headed to Arizona and Oregon for November. Looks like she likes warm weather!

Katherine Roy in Kenya with an elephant

In Phoenix, Arizona, she has a couple events. She is signing at 2017 American Association of School Librarians (November 9–11) and on November 11, she is speaking on the “Connecting to STEM: Science Books for Kids” panel from 2–3.

In Corvallis, Oregon, Katherine is doing a book talk and signing at the Corvallis Public Library on November 18 from 11–12. In addition to having books there to purchase, they will be doing a drawing to win a free signed copy.

Post by Angela Boyle (’16).

Alum at Comic Arts Brooklyn 2017

Comic Arts Brooklyn 2017 banner

In a few weeks on November 11, 2017, is Comic Arts Brooklyn. The event is at a new location this year, the Pratt Institute. You can see a few alum there this year.

Sophie Goldstein will be there for the release of her graphic novel House of Women with Fantagraphics. House of Women is a sci-fi story about four women trying to “civilize” the natives of a distant planet. Get it early: They go fast. (more…)

Visiting Artist: Hillary Chute

Work by Hillary Chute

Hillary Chute’s book Why Comics? From Underground to Everywhere will be out from HarperCollins in December 2017. She has taught at the University of Chicago and Harvard University and is professor of English and Art + Design at Northeastern University. She is also the author of Disaster Drawn: Visual Witness, Comics, and Documentary Form (Belknap, 2016), Outside the Box: Interviews with Contemporary Cartoonists (University of Chicago Press, 2014), and Graphic Women: Life Narrative and Contemporary Comics (Columbia University Press, 2010), as well as associate editor of Art Spiegelman’s MetaMaus (Pantheon). She has collaborated with cartoonists such as Spiegelman and Alison Bechdel, and has written for publications including Artforum, Bookforum, The New York Review of Books, and Poetry.

Hillary Chute

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“The End of the ***ing World” heading to Netflix!

Image from TEOTFW TV series

In 2013, Charles Forsman (’08) completed The End of the ***ing World, a look into the bleak lives of teenagers James and Alyssa. In 2013, then–film student Jonathan Entwistle create a short film of the comic. In 2014, he directed a pilot episode for a TV show. And now the show is coming to Netflix! Channel 4 launched the series in the UK on October 24. (more…)

Alum Spotlight: “Reported Missing” by Eleri Harris

First panel of Reported Missing by Eleri Harris

Eleri Harris (’14) looks at what it is like when your mom is charged with murder. Reported Missing is The Nib’s first serialized work of long-form comics journalism. Originally from Tasmania, Eleri went to school with Sarah Bowles, whose mother is the one convicted of murder. With this insight, she delves into the emotional nightmare behind Tasmania’s most controversial murder conviction. The first of seven posts went up on October 23, just a week before the Supreme Court appeal could change everything.

  • Alex Dueben, Smash Pages: Q&A: The Nib’s Eleri Harris on ‘Reported Missing’
  • Heidi MacDonald, Comics Beat: “Here’s a good one, the comic equivalent of Serial and Making a Murderer, a true life tale of crime and mystery.”

Eleri Harris is deputy director at The Nib.

Post by Angela Boyle (’16).