Fellowship Programs

The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS)  Fellowship is awarded to an emerging cartoonist who has already achieved significant critical and/or professional stature. The program is designed to help the cartoonist enter the next phase of their career by providing access to CCS’s many resources.

Qualified candidates are usually recommended by one of CCS’s faculty or advisory committee members. If you would like to be considered for next year’s Fellowship, please submit your name, contact information, and website URL to fellowship@cartoonstudies.org (do not attach any files to your email, or physically mail any materials to the school).  The CCS Fellow will be chosen by June 1st, at which point CCS will send out an email to all applicants notifying them of the decision. Click here to download more information on the Fellowship program (pdf document).

CCS Fellows

Kevin Czap 2017-2018
, 2016-2017
Kurt Shaffert, Applied Cartooning 2016-2017
Noah Van Sciver, 2015-16
Sophie Yanow
, 2014-15
Nicole Georges
, 2013-14
Connor Willumsen
, 2012-13
Julie Delporte
, 2011-12
Blaise Larmee, 2011-12
David Libens, 2010-11
Max de Radigues, 2009-10
Alec Longstreth, 2008-09
Chris Wright, 2008-09
T. Edward Bak, 2007-08
Gabby Schulz, 2006-07
Robyn Chapman, 2005-06


The Cornish CCS Residency Fellowship

Located in Cornish and at the country’s premier cartooning college, The Cornish CCS Residency is designed to create a focused and inspiring environment for cartoonists in order to create exceptional work. Cornish is located 16 miles from The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) in rural New Hampshire.  Click here for more information.