Spinning by alum Tillie Walden releases September 12

September 12, 2017

Tillie Walden and her newest book, Spinning

Spinning by Tillie Walden (’16) is coming out in just about a week on September 12, 2017. Her fourth graphic novel, this is her first with First Second. She has also published I Love This Part, A City Inside, and The End of Summer with Avery Hill Publishing, released through Retrofit Comics in the United States. It will be coming out to marvelous reviews.

Page from Spinning by Tillie Walden

  • Booklist Online: “She uses negative space to great effect, elegantly depicting her loneliness and isolation while simultaneously emphasizing how deeply she feels unable to speak up for herself.”
  • Cathy Camper, Lambda Literary: ” At school, another student, Grace, bullies her, so skating becomes a kind of after-school refuge. Not a refuge from everything, however: Tillie develops a secret crush on another girl. . . .”

  • Craig Neilson-Adams, Big Comic Page: “With the rink as its backdrop, this hotly anticipated graphic memoir captures what it’s like to come of age, come out and come to terms with leaving behind everything you used to know.”
  • Kirkus Review: “Her story is largely insular, with her family only visible in the periphery, even with regard to her skating.”

Page from Spinning by Tillie Walden

  • Mey, “Drawn to Comics: Announcing Tillie Walden’s All-New Figure Skating Graphic Memior, ‘Spinning'” on Autostraddle, including an interview
  • Nivea Serrao, “Go Spinning Inside Tillie Walden’s Ice Skating-Inspired Graphic Memoir” on Entertainment Weekly (interview)
  • Publishers Weekly: “Her careful attention to facial expressions and body language makes readers intimately aware of what she is feeling.”

Page from Spinning by Tillie Walden

(post by Angela Boyle ’15)

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