“Slasher” by alum Charles Forsman

Slashed #1 cover by Charles Forsman

If you are in need of more comics by Charles Forsman (’08), the man who brought us The End of the Fucking World (Fantagraphics), then you are in luck. He is currently releasing Slasher (Floating World Comics), a psychosexual thriller, as a five-issue miniseries, with a few issues out already.

Christine, a data-entry specialist, discovers her sexuality and a need to see the blood. Though she appears timid and plain, she struggles to hide her dangerous urges.

First page of Slasher #1 by Charles Forsman

ComiCon: “It’s a work that boils over with its own tensions, interrupted by bursts of humor, mainly through human reactions to extremity and via extreme contrasts.”

Heidi MacDonald, The Comics Beat: “Dark stories for dangerous times.”

Kyle Welch, Multiversity Comics: Interview with Charles.

Oliver Sava, A. V. Club: “Forsman is crafting a psychosexual thriller in the vein of Brian De Palma and David Cronenberg, detailing the twisted relationship that develops…”

Slasher 2 cover Slasher 3 cover Slasher 4 cover
Post by Angela Boyle.

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