Shark, meet Windows 10

Sharks, meet Windows 10. Pain 3D, meet sharks. Katherine Roy (’10), creator of Neighborhood Sharks (David Macaulay Studio, 2014) and How to Be an Elephant (David Macaulay Studio, 2017), is featured in the current Window’sPaint 3D campaign!

In Paint 3D, you can draw into videos, she Katherine made a super great white shark.

You can see her working on a Windows laptop in Paint 3D and with her references photos:

  • Twitter
  • Microsoft—There’s also a brief clip on the Windows site of Katherine talking about why she likes to use the 3D Paint!

This is part of a promotion to get up to $150 off select Windows 10 PCs. Offer ends December 2.

Katherine Roy working on a Windows 10 laptop

Post by Angela Boyle (’16).

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