“The Land of Many Monsters” by Alum Denis St. John

Cover of The Land of Many Monsters by Denis St. John

Fresh from Denis St. John (’08), The Land of Many Monsters: And Many More Monster Tails is now available from WK Books. This 112-page collection is filled with his short horror comics from the last few years. Stephen R. Bissette (Swamp Thing, penciller) wrote a lengthy and funny foreword.

Monster art by Denis St. John

WK Books is a small-press publisher based in Ohio. They put out the magazines Monster! (a monster-movie magazine) and Weng’s Chop (a cult-cinema magazine), in which Denis St. John, Stephen R. Bissette, and Ian Richardson (’13) (Wendigo) have all appeared over the years.

  • Donna Almendrala, on Amazon: He doesn’t shy away from the grotesque, but stares right in its face…
  • Stephen R. Bissette, from the foreword: The primal stuff is in full view here. . . . From there, Denis eases us all into cozier genre territory. The Goat of Mendes himself entertains a children’s birthday party.

Post by Angela Boyle (’16).

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