“Beer Is for Everyone!” by alum Em Sauter releases October 10!

October 10, 2016

Beer is for Everyone! by Em Sauter

Em Sauter (’11) is a cartoonist who works at a brewery as communications manager. So not too surprisingly, her new book is titled Beer Is for Everyone! (of Drinking Age). It will release this October 10, 2017 with One Peace Books!

Em Sauter

What is the premise of this book?

It’s based on my beer reviews (Pints and Panels webcomic) but it’s all new material plus a discussion of educational elements of beer (malt, hops). My reviews are usually one page but these reviews are two pages. There are 30+ states represented and about 70 reviews. I tried to get an assortment of beers that are easy to obtain so it would be easy to try some of the beers in the book. So many good beers out there­—it was hard to choose what went in!

Freemont Interurban IPA beer review page 1 by Em SauterFreemont Interurban IPA beer review page 2 beer review by Em Sauter

What is your comic drawing process? Was it drawn using a different style?

I usually draw in the morning and digitally clean up at night (weekends are devoted to drawing when it can be done). I have a day job at a brewery in Connecticut, so for the past year I’ve been waking up extra early to fit in the work. The style stayed the same. For people who follow my website, the book will be a nice extension of what I have been doing for the past seven years.

The Lost Abbey Duck Duck Goose Ale beer review page 1 by Em SauterThe Lost Abbey Duck Duck Goose Ale page 2 beer review by Em Sauter

Have you ever tried brewing beer at home?

I leave brewing to the professionals, haha. I have a good friend who homebrews who I help out sometimes, which really gives you an understanding of how difficult and scientific the brewing process is. I’m more of a participant and drinker.

Allgash Tripel Ale beer review page 1 by Em SauterAllgash Tripel Ale beer review page 1 by Em Sauter

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