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A Slate 12 Panel Pitch by CCS Alum Joe Lambert


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In the future, robots will rule the world—and live in fear of their mysterious, absent creators.


Meek is a 12 Panel Pitch science-fiction blockbuster written by an honest-to-god scriptwriter Todd Alcott (Antzetc.) and drawn by cartoonist R. Sikoryak (Masterpiece ComicsNew Yorker covers, etc).


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12 Panel Pitch: Oh Brother, My Sister!

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This week’s 12 Panel Pitch is the “all Josh” edition featuring documentary filmmaker Josh Melrod and Toronto cartoonist Josh Rosen and features one of the less celebrated Thanksgiving traditions: getting really drunk and fighting with your family.


Submit a Pitch!

Submit a Pitch! The final installment of 12 Panel Pitch will be a script written by a Slate reader. The great Jim Rugg will draw it. The submission deadline is Dec. 13. Details are here.

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12 Panel Pitch: Vampires vs. Zombies


In a war between the two, which side should mankind side with?  This week’s 12-panel pitch cartoon feature, Vampires vs. Zombies, is drawn by Connor Willumsen, one of the great young cartoonists working today, and written by 12 Panel Pitch’s very own Sasha Steinberg.


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The 12 Panel Pitch


We challenged writers and artists: Pitch an idea for a feature film in one 12-panel cartoon. The results are popcorn-worthy. Read about the 12 Panel Pitch on


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