Alum Spotlight: “Reported Missing” by Eleri Harris

First panel of Reported Missing by Eleri Harris

Eleri Harris (’14) looks at what it is like when your mom is charged with murder. Reported Missing is The Nib’s first serialized work of long-form comics journalism. Originally from Tasmania, Eleri went to school with Sarah Bowles, whose mother is the one convicted of murder. With this insight, she delves into the emotional nightmare behind Tasmania’s most controversial murder conviction. The first of seven posts went up on October 23, just a week before the Supreme Court appeal could change everything.

  • Alex Dueben, Smash Pages: Q&A: The Nib’s Eleri Harris on ‘Reported Missing’
  • Heidi MacDonald, Comics Beat: “Here’s a good one, the comic equivalent of Serial and Making a Murderer, a true life tale of crime and mystery.”

Eleri Harris is deputy director at The Nib.

Post by Angela Boyle (’16).

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