Alum D.W. newest comic, Mountebank, releases with Fantagraphics

NEW!  D.W. (’12) newest comic, Mountebank, with Fantagraphics. A mountebank is a someone who deceives others, especially to trick them out of their money. Doubt you will feel tricked out of your money getting this book, the illustration style does trick your mind. It’s a psychedelic doodle book stretching the boundaries of what is a comic.

This is D.W.’s first comic with Fantagraphics. It was also featured as a notable comic in the 2016 Best American Comics. You can already see his psychedelic work in volumes 2, 4, 5, and 6 of Irene, a comic anthology D.W. founded with classmates  Andy Warner and Dakota McFadzean.

Click here to order Mountebank.



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