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SPX 2014 Special Alt-Weekly Comic Guests: Lynda Barry, Jules Feiffer, and James Sturm

September 13, 2014toSeptember 14, 2014


SPX  will salute pioneers and early popularizers of the alt-weekly comic by bringing in such major guests as “alt-comics godfather” Jules Feiffer, the Pulitzer-winning Village Voice legend and author/screenwriter/playwright; Lynda Barry, the great “Ernie Pook’s Comeek”/Chicago Reader cartoonist turned inspiring college educator; and The Center for Cartoon Studies co-founder James Sturm (“Market Day,” RAW), who co-founded Seattle’s The Stranger.

Read all about the Special Alt-Weekly programming from Michael Cavna of The Washington Post!

The SPX festival is held in Bethesda, Maryland, on September 13 & 14. For more information, visit:

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So two filmmakers spent several years following students through the intense experience that is The Center for Cartoon Studies. The movie’s now on the festival circuit and you can see the trailer and request a screening at their homepage. The documentary also features commentary from luminaries like Scott McCloud, Lynda Barry, and Chris Ware. The movie’s Facebook page currently has a great outtake featuring the legendary Kim Deitch.

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