Without These Two Books Who Knows?



— James Sturm

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One Response to Without These Two Books Who Knows?

  1. Larry Gilman says:

    From the lovingly beat-up look of the two covers, I’m guessing that the title of the post means: without these two books in the hands of the wee James Sturm, who knows, no CCS? In which case, thank goodness they fell into the right hands at the right time . . .

    I also fed deeply on Peanuts as a kid — and still do (though I stop reading by the late 70s, when I think a long, irreversibly decline in quality set in). As for the FF, I also owned that issue as a kdi and just happened to read it a few days ago. The Miracle Man’s ability to summon up anything (including women) out of nothing, coupled with his God delusion, made a big impression on me. Good work by Buscema throughout the issue — varied, fluid, nothing careless about it.

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