Where’s the bubble gum in Comic Book Creator Trading Cards?

Many of the items in the Schulz Graphic Novel Library are rare; from our bound Punch collection (1878-1924!) to James Sturm’s Master’s thesis to bound classic X-Men issues 1-43 (thanks, Robin McConnell!). But one that deserves the spotlight is our Comic Book Creators Trading Cards. Donated IN FULL with a binder from Ohio State University are these cards from Eclipse Entertainment feature some top cartoonists of then, 1992, and still today. As a cartoonist, I feel that I should point out Eclipse folded up the next year, one hopes it wasn’t from poor sales on these excellent cards.

Each card comes with a great picture, added gradient backgrounds and stats: birthdate, hometown, writing hand, drawing town and school (if applicable).

You wonder if the creators were asked to pick their photo or if they blindly said yes. Some creators had fun like Sergio Aragones…

Most cartoonists managed to crack a smile…

Others put on their school photo smiles…

What some chose to wear was fantastic…

While some creators wore less…

Some research proved that we were not the only lucky possessors of an entire collection of comics creator stars: Chris Sims from the Comics Alliance wrote a fantastic article on the 1993 set of cards by Majestic (ours are 1992) where the card features the ART instead of the creator. These cards are an excellent snapshot or time capsule of style, Photoshop capabilities and the novelty of collector paraphernalia. David Yoder (CCS ’10) created a set of trading cards featuring his classmates at the Center for Cartoon Studies.

But the question remains: when will the next set of Comic Book Creator Trading Cards come out? How long must we wait for some foil-bound bits of heaven? Until then, visit the Schulz Graphic Novel Library and ask to see the Famous Comic Book Creators Trading Card set. We’ll provide the much-missed gum.

-Jen Vaughn

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7 Responses to Where’s the bubble gum in Comic Book Creator Trading Cards?

  1. caitlin m says:

    Is it savvy to comment on a blog I write for? GREAT post, Jen! I’ve actually yet to take a look at these in person, and now I can’t wait to go to work on Monday. So rad. Though I do wish there were pokemon-esque powers assigned to each artist.

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  3. Chris Pitzer says:

    I did my own sets back in the mid-90s as well…
    But your right. A new set needs to be created!

  4. Nat Gertler says:

    One thing that the set you get likely doesn’t contain is the chase cards – various of the creators each autographed cards (I believe 100 per creator). These cards can be discerned from normal cards that someone got autographed at a convention, because the chase version has a blue back instead of a yellow back.
    I’ve got Tom Lyle!

  5. Producing these cards was a lot of fun. The cartoonists—or heirs—supplied their own photos. The hand-tinted look harkens back to non-sports cards from the 1950s. I’ve always collected non-sports cards, and gave the colorist samples of hand-tinted cards from Zorro and TV Westerns (Have Gun, Will Travel!) sets. The coloring was done by Dennis Gallagher, who was the art director of the San Francisco Chronicle (and also designed Eclipse’s “Krazy & Ignatz” series and the “Jiggs Is Back” book I co-published with Bob Callahan).

    • jenvaughn says:

      Thanks for all the behind-the-magic-information, Dean! I was wondering who provided the photos (ie. shirtlessness). The coloring is fun especially those hot pink or green backgrounds!

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