What About Cartoonists?

This from the Vermont Arts Council’s  new classified section. It looks like it could be the coolest thing in the world or a dystopian horror:

5/19/09: CAMP MEADE FORMING WORKING ARTISTIC CAMP – Working artist camp forming at Camp Meade, Middlesex, VT exit 9 at Rt. 89 (30 minutes South of Burlington). This former Civilian Conservation Corps. camp offers 7 acres of land backed by the confluence of the Mad and Winnoski Rivers. You will have access to a community garden, horseshoe pits, shared commercial kitchen and gallery. The site also offers a cafe, bakery, weavery and chocolate shop. Starting May 1st these 17 individual cabin studios will be available for $245 a month or a discounted rate of $1200.00 for 6 month commitment. Welcoming writers, painters, poets, barbers, stylists, welders, spinners, potters, gardeners, herbalists, craftistas, fortune tellers, musicians, ect. Call Jaquelyn Reike at (802) 279-3726 for details. jaquelyn@tertl.com

— James Sturm

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One Response to What About Cartoonists?

  1. Robyn Chapman says:

    Thanks for posting this James! I’m trying to plan a short artist retreat for a group of cartoonists. Let me know if you here any more leads!

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