Visiting Artist: Rebecca Roher

Rebecca Roher's board, drawn by Luke Howard

Rebecca Roher’s board, drawn by Luke Howard

Rebecca Roher is a Canadian cartoonist and illustrator who graduated from The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) in 2015. She recently returned as a visiting artist.

Rebecca Roher

Rebecca Roher

One of the first comics Rebecca became well-known for was Mom Body. It is about, as one would imagine, the changes her friend’s body goes through during pregnancy. It was nominated for the Doug Wright Award in 2016.

Reunion of Rebecca with Luke Howard and Jason Lutes

Reunion of Rebecca with Luke Howard and Jason Lutes

In Bird in a Cage, also started as part of her CCS thesis, Rebecca explores the changes in her grandmother as Alzheimer’s set in. It was first featured on The Nib, and then the mini comic won the Expozine Award. It has now been expanded to a full graphic novel and been published by Conundrum Press.


With the success of these two comics, Rebecca has become sought out for work on women’s and mental health comics.


She is also a proponent of healthy living, especially in regards to living an artistic life. During her talk, she discussed maintaining healthy working habits, such as taking breaks and stretching.


She even treated the attendees to a watercolor demo.

demo2 demo

Photos courtesy Abe Olson.


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