Visiting Artist: Jeremy Sorese

Jeremy's name board as drawn by Luke Howard.

Jeremy’s name board as drawn by Luke Howard.

Jeremy Sorese is a cartoonist currently based out of Brooklyn, NYC, graduated with a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010.

Jeremy giving his talk.

Jeremy giving his talk.

Jeremy was accepted to the La Maison des Auteurs, a comics-specific residency program in Angouleme, France, where he lived and worked from 2012-2013. He greatly enjoyed the experience.

Jeremy discusses his hands.

Jeremy discusses his hands.

His first book, Curveball, published with Nobrow, came out in 2015 and was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award.  In his comics, he tries to focus on stories at the micro-level of life because that is what makes the characters’ experiences real and relateable.

Jeremy in discussion with Jess Johnson ('18)

Jeremy in discussion with Jess Johnson (’18)

He is also really interested in background characters because in just a scene or two, a character can come alive and imply an entire life, which makes the whole world have a depth and reality it wouldn’t otherwise have.


Jeremy in discussion with Erienne McCray (’18), Kazimir Iskander (’16), Rainer Kannenstine (’18), and Ben Wright-Heuman (’16).

His favorite character in Star Wars is C3P0, who he thinks should have his own movie.

Robyn Smith ('17), Jarad Greene ('17), and Moss Bastille ('17) study Jeremy's work closely

Robyn Smith (’17), Jarad Greene (’17), and Moss Bastille (’17) study Jeremy’s work closely

Jeremy also showed some movie clips that exemplify his take on storytelling. Specifically, he examined a scene from Jupiter Ascending where the queen is interacting with bureaucrats who are just shoving her around. This interaction enhances her humanity. He is even more intrigued by her robot assistant, who he would love to see a whole movie about.  This one robot rolled off the assembly line with millions of other robots with the same face. How does this one robot have a different life from all those others?

We'll see you again soon, Jeremy?

We’ll see you again soon, Jeremy?

Photos courtesy of Abe Olson.


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