Tom Gammill: a Doozie of a Teacher

Tom Gammill, a known writer and funny man attempted to wow us with his street smarts this past month. While his particular brand of sass might fly when writing for such obviously sophomoric shows like Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live and the Simpsons; the Center for Cartoon Studies was having NONE of it. First, he tried to convince us that the Doozies is a good comic strip and then he attempted to give constructive criticism on current student work. Feel free to witness that horror that his destructive criticism wrought, some students still shake when they hear his name:

Honestly, we DO love Gammill but if he steps foot in this town again without his writing partner, Max Pross, he’ll get a faceful of snow. That’s a cartoonist promise.

-Jen Vaughn

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  1. caitlin m says:

    This makes me so happy! Way to go everyone.

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