Schulz Library Post-Irene

Against many odds–and with the amazing help of our friends–I’m thrilled to announce on behalf of The Center for Cartoon Studies community that the entire Schulz Library collection is safe and secure in the dry storage area of the Telegraph Building, a few blocks from where it once resided in the old firehouse. However, given the hectic nature of moving the books in the wee hours of the morning with the sound of risinig water a few feet away and emergency lights a’blazing, the collection is a bit jumbled.

The immediate task at hand is to get the books organized and ready to move to wherever the library will be next. The status of the firehouse is unknown at this time, though crews (including many CCSers) have been working around the clock to clear out mud and debris to get the building up and running.

Our goal at this point is to have the Schulz Library open for student and faculty use (even if in a limited capacity) in a location still to be determined. Given the circumstances, it is not surprising that there is plenty of uncertainty. In the meantime, we will be working hard to get the collection organized and ready to relocate as soon as a path is made clear.

We appreciate all the words and offers of support. For those close by, we can use your help! Here’s how:

Please come to the Telegraph building, located on the corner of Gates St and Currier St in downtown White River Junction, between the hours of 9am and 3pm starting tomorrow, September 1st. This effort will continue through next week (starting Tuesday) until further notice. If you have small-to-medium sized boxes for storing books, please bring them with you! We will be sorting and packaging our entire collection.

It’s a cramped space, so anywhere from 4-7 volunteers at a time would be ideal. Volunteers can contact me directly to let me know when you are coming:

For those of you outside of the WRJ area, the best way to help is to donate money which will be put towards getting the library up-and-running again. The easiest way to give is through the school Paypal account, click here.

Please note that the donation is for the Schulz Library Irene Fund.

Thank you everyone for the incredible response. This has been an exhausting week, but we are endlessly inspired and grateful for everyone’s kindness and support.

More soon,

Caitlin McGurk

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7 Responses to Schulz Library Post-Irene

  1. KellyP says:

    Hi, I just followed the links to donate and was unable to note “Schulz Library Irene Fund” anywhere in the process. Any way to note it post-transaction?


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  3. Torsten Adair says:

    Diamond Comics has a distribution center up north in Plattsburgh, NY. Could they donate some boxes? (They are perfect for comics and paperback graphic novels.)
    (518) 566-8325

    Also, since today is Wednesday, might the comics shops in Burlington have some excess boxes which could be used? Otherwise, you could also inquire of the Barnes & Noble stores in Burlington and Manchester (and Dartmouth!)… they get shipments every day. Also grocery stores, but most usually crush their boxes. And there’s a UPS store near the West Lebanon Plaza Shopping Center… might they donate some boxes? Or Wal*Mart, Kohl’s, K-Mart…

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