The Comic Book Legacy of Nickelodeon Magazine

Like many comics lovers, I was saddened by the cancellation of Nickelodeon Magazine.  Since its first issue in 1993, its Comic Book section has featured some of the greatest talents in alternative comics.

The debut issue of Nickelodeon Magazine’s Comic Book included a cover by David Mazzucchelli,

comics by longtime contributor Sam Henderson,

and Mark Newgarden, among others.

Nickelodeon Magazine’s contributor list included Richard Sala, Kaz, Kim Deitch, James Kochalka, Craig Thompson, Nick Bertozzi, Brian Ralph, Johnny Ryan, Ellen Forney, Steve Weissman, Alec Longstreth, Jason Lutes, R. Sikoryak, Art Spiegelman, Gahan Wilson and many, many more.  The quality of its comics can be attributed to its comic editors, Chris Duffy and Dave Roman.  Both cartoonists themselves, they love comics and they understand comics – a rare quality in mainstream magazine publishing!

When I arrived in White River Junction after my holiday break, I received a special package for the Schulz Library.

A gift from Garth, circa 1993?

No, a gift from Chris Duffy!

Fourteen years of Nickelodeon Magazine, collected into special, bound editions!  This rare and unique donation will be a great resource for our students.

Thank you, Nickelodeon Magazine!  And thank you, Chris and Dave, for a long and succesful run.

– Robyn Chapman

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8 Responses to The Comic Book Legacy of Nickelodeon Magazine

  1. James says:

    A treasure trove for the library..thank you, Chris!

  2. PShaw says:

    For the record, the original Nickelodeon Comics Editor prior to the Duffy and Roman era who set the standard for alternative talent was the inimitable Anne D. Bernstein [check early Drawn & Quarterly pamphlets for her comics].

  3. nikolas sutton says:

    i miss nick mag you r lucky you got all of the nick magazines :( sadface lol im sad :(

  4. How can i get back issues of Nick magazine? My 9 year old daughter just started a website featuring her own cartoons, because she was so inspired by the magazine. She had only been reading it for a year when her subscription was cancelled. Any information would be much appreciated. Take a look at

    • FJ says:

      I’m cleaning out my son’s room and have come across some older issues of Nick mag. 20 to be exact. I think the years were 2004/5 at quick look. I hate to throw them out if someone can use them.

  5. lauren says:

    hey would you be willing to sell that or to sell copies of it cause i would kill for those!!!

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