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Transatlanticism: CCS to take Angoulême by storm

Every year, the sleepy little town of Angoulême, in the Poiteau-Charentes region of France, is beset by over 200,000 comics enthusiasts for a four days of events and programming in celebration of the art of bande dessinée: The Angoulême International … Continue reading

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2013 SPX Debuts Part 5

  The Small Press Expo, North America’s Premiere Independent Cartooning and Comic Arts Festival is just around the corner! Come September 14th-15th, droves of CCS students, alumni and faculty will be headed down to both attend the show and sell their … Continue reading

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ICAF in Review Redux: The Comics and Pedagogy Roundtable

The first day of the International Comic Arts Forum conference, September 29th, featured a roundtable discussion on the various challenges and considerations facing an educator when trying to introduce comics into the classroom. The afternoon panel was moderated by Associate … Continue reading

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ICAF in review

The attendees and students of The Center for Cartoon Studies are still reveling in the Post-ICAF glow (a much needed one after Hurricane Irene). The comics scholarship presents a facet of the many-sided comics die we roll around; where appreciation … Continue reading

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MoCCA Comic Debuts!

The Schulz Graphic Novel Library is proud to announce the mini-comic and comic book MoCCA debuts of students, alumni and faculty of the Center for Cartoon Studies. Look for these amazing comics and more along the back wall of MoCCA … Continue reading

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James Kochalka: Vermont Cartoonist Superstar

When the everyday is fodder for a comic, it is hard not to be fascinated by life’s little moments: coincidences that might go unnoticed, tangents leading us to dusky-eyed memories or brilliant-blue-sky discoveries, commonalities that we do not even realize we share. Vermont born-and-bred cartoonist, James Kochalka, notices all of these things and more which he captures in his daily diary comic, American Elf. Kochalka is know for many other comics work, his involvement in the comics community, love of rockin’ concerts and will soon be acknowledged for this with Vermont’s first Cartoonist Laureate title. Continue reading

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MOGWORLD, adventure in the Middle Ages for the Middle Aged gamer in us all

Given the high-tech world full of beeeps, chirps, clicks, RINNGG, ding-dong, come-here-girl noise distractions we live in, sitting down and enjoying a book from cover to cover is a luxury.  Often we lose that wonderful feeling of letting your imagination … Continue reading

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iPad, SonyReader, and AmazonKindle in the Schulz Library!

Thanks to a generous donation from The Will and Ann Eisner Foundation Technology Initiative, a brand new iPad, SonyReader, and Kindle have joined our collection over at the Schulz Library! Just one of the many steps that we’re taking over … Continue reading

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Warning: there are cartoonists in the audience.

The idea hit Colleen Frakes like a baby grand piano after cutting the tenuous string tied to it: cartoonists drawing at the theater! The Portland Mercury recently featured an article called Comic Night at the Opera where they invited local … Continue reading

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Don Flowers and His Lovely Ladies

A Schulz library favorite and avid patron, Evan Dorkin, recently donated Alex Chun and Jacob Covey’s retrospective book of The GLAMOUR GIRLS of DON FLOWERS (published by Fantagraphics). This thick beauty of a book features work spanning several decades (1940′s-1960′s) … Continue reading

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