Summer Workshops Line-Up

Load ’em up, coach, the summer workshops at The Center for Cartoon Studies are available and waiting for you to fill the field. Here is a loverly run-down of the workshops (including two new ones!) and some of the fantastic cartoonists who will be teaching you.

Scott C. illustrated children’s book for you!

One of our NEW workshops includes the Children’s Book Workshop from June 24-29th, 2012. Featuring the tutelage of CCS instructors Alec Longstreth and Jon Chad in addition to Scott C. and DB Johnson, students will find out ways to make their stories come to life. Working on writing and drawing, students will be able to make work that is not only kid-friendly but kid-focused!

Summer instructor D.B. Johnson’s newest book

Create Comics will be held from July 16-20th and is ages 16 and up! Students learn the tools of the trade in drawing, inking and production as well as collaboration with a final huge project. Story structure, character design and pacing are just a few more of the aspects in this cartooning crash course.

Returning summer instructor Aaron Renier is an absolute favorite!

Cartoon Studio from July 23-27th is one intense and solid week where students learn how to take a sketch to a completed comic. With a for-credit option, this workshop has even more focus for more comic fun!

Summer instructor José-Luis Olivares‘ newest comic made with Japanese paper

Another NEW addition is our Cartooning Studio: Production and Design (edition!) from July 30th-August 3rd. Jon Chad and more will wow you with the techniques up their sleeves using ink, paper and the almight computer. Perfect for comic student who wants to make their own book with a design concept built hand-in-hand with their story. If you have ever wanted to screen print covers and learn more bookbinding techniques, this is the class for you!  Extended Studio Option (August 6-8th) is also available where students have their own desk to work on until the wee hours of the night for independent projects.

Karasik with his book on Fletcher Hanks. Photo by Tony Omer.

The last NEW class is actually the Paul Karasik-led Master Class of Comic Narrative workshop. One week in Vermont with Karasik and CCS instructors full of group critiques, drawing exercises and lectures that will “leave you a stronger cartoonist than ever!” This workshop then includes eight weeks of email correspondence, lessons and meaning-full discussion to bring student ideas to fruition and complete that dream project.

CCS alum and past fellows like Beth Hetland and José-Luis Olivares will passionately run workshops as well as instructors like Jason Lutes and Robyn Chapman. Cartoonist and Chicago-ite Aaron Renier will return to the hills of Vermont to share his vast wisdom as well.

For more information or to REGISTER, visit our site here. Summer doldrums? Never heard of them, we have waaaay too many comics to make!

-Jen Vaughn

CCS Librarian

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