Stumptown Vs. MoCCA

FIGHT! Okay, not really. But two great comic conventions are happening the same weekend this year and guess what? A TON of great new comics are coming out from students and alum of the Center for Cartoon Studies!

MoCCA will go first because technically it starts earlier on the East Coast. Denis St. John (CCS ’08) is releasing the last issue of Amelia, #5, from his series of Monsters & Girls (pictured above). Lovers of the strange, mysterious and creepy will love St. John’s series with a dark climax.

Lovers of cryptids and regional comics will be unable to put down Amelia Onorato’s Rockall (CCS ’12), part TWO is debuting this weekend so be sure to pick up a number one if you haven’t already. Her characters are Disney-worthy!

Rio Aubrey Taylor (CCS ’12) is bringing the YES factor with his abstract art zines, Tabe and Jetty, packaged in a sweet sleeve.

Meanwhile, Nate Wootters (CCS ’12) is printing his epic world-building comic, Cells #2, which features food (see that sammich?). Dontcha know, number one is also available at MoCCA!

Andy Warner (CCS ’12) has a double threat release of The Man Who Build Beirut and The Creeping Things (there’s something for everyone in here).

Stumptown boasts not only great coffee by the same name (people say that every year, no doubt) but the debut of a fun lil’ mini by Nomi Kane (CCS ’11) and Colleen Frakes (CCS’ 07) about the travails of living on the West Coast.

Also debuting from Colleen and Betsey Swardlick (CCS ’11) is a mini from the Retrofit line of comics called Drag Bandits! Frakes and Swardlick have graceful art styles that OF COURSE would work together, I’m surprised we haven’t seen a collaboration before from the two. And if the world has, then I need a copy!

Next up at Stumptown is Cycles. Written by Kyle O’Connell and drawn by Beth Hetland (CCS ’11). 142 pages! Hetland’s comic follows the two main characters, Dorothy and the Professor, as they sleep, eat, create a modern bicycle, pull pranks, rob banks, are repeatedly arrested, and fly hot air balloons.

Check out these comics at MoCCA and Stumptown this weekend! Look for the Center for Cartoon Studies table at MoCCA  and keep your eyes peeled for these covers and the great comics that lie beneath them!

Jen Vaughn

Schulz Librarian

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