Spring Cleaning

The snow on the ground is beginning the long-awaited melt-freeze-melt-freeze cycle that lets the bleary-eyed townspeople of White River Junction know that there is indeed an end to spring. In honor of this possible early spring (just as the local groundhog or whistle pig foretold), the Center for Cartoon Studies is unveiling a newly designed Visiting Artist Blog! This magnificent illustration is by the one and only Pat Barrett (CCS ’11) who spends a good portion of his drawing time working on this blog.

Here you’ll find photos of the Visiting Artists and Faculty from their lectures and glorious inking demos. Occasionally, the artists will bend Pat’s ear and he’ll see fit to post more than a few of their Speedball-stained pearls of wisdom.

In the Schulz Library, each former librarian created a self-portrait so that we could adorn the wee bit of space above the light switch with a Hall of Fame! In order from Left to right, top row: Robyn Chapman (2005-2010), Caitlin Plovnick (2005-2006), Colleen Frakes (2005-2007). Bottom row: Chuck Forsman (2007-2010), Jen Vaughn (2009-present), Caitlin McGurk (2010-present).

Speaking of library, our barcoding couldn’t be going better and you know what that means…we get to add another shelf to our Barcode Bookshelf o’ Progress! Do you know what book the yellow shelf represents?!

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  1. KellyP says:

    Cool, love those self-portraits!

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