Senior Presentations: Class of 2017


Each year, the senior class gives presentations on their thesis projects at the end of the first semester. The class of 2016 presented theirs in December.


Hedj is creating a comic about a Sullivan, a young frog whose magical powers go unrecognized by society, called All Frogs Are Witches. Hedj is also working on autobio journal comics and is being advised by Melanie Gillman, creator of As the Crow Flies.


Catherine Garbarino is working on the story of a female wrestler, Eva, in By Any Means. This is the start of a much larger work. Her thesis adviser, very appropriately, is Box Brown, creator of the graphic novel biography Andre the Giant: Life and Legend and found of Retrofit Comics.


Steve Thueson is creating a punk, vegan, quest-based world that is full of high-jinks and action, Quest Mania. His thesis adviser is time-management extraordinaire Alec Longstreth, creator of Phase 7 and Basewood.


Sandra Bartholomew is documenting her final year at CCS in autobio comics as well as other projects. Her thesis adviser is also Alec Longstreth.


Robyn Smith is working on some auto-bio comics in The Things I’ve Lost. She is being advised by K. L. Ricks.


Moss Bastille is working on a fictional mystic travelogue, The Obscure Road, and a monthly zine, Glass Eye. His adviser is Max de Radigues, creator of Moose.


Laura Martin is working on a fantasy graphic novel about family, The Scarlet Thread, and is being advised by Jake Wyatt, creator of the web comic Necropolis.


Jarad Greene‘s comic, Scullion, is an action-adventure comedy of errors. As a young adult book, his adviser is appropriately Dave Roman.


Jacob Bussiere is working on two projects. Bubblegum is “a series of different comics but by one person.” Nimrod is a horror story about campers. His adviser is Josh Simmons, creator of Black River.

Photos courtesy of Abe Olson.


About Angela Boyle

Angela is an alum at the Center for Cartoon Studies (class of 2016), and a natural science illustrator. She hails from Washington state and has 2 corgis, Nisa and Ernie. View her work at
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