Remembering Pendarvis


I recently learned that Bob Pendarvis, the co-founder of Savannah College of Art and Design’s Sequential Art Department was let go. I taught alongside Bob from 1997-2000. SCAD’s sequential art department has had a significant impact on American cartooning. I hope Bob is recognized for his accomplishments as an educator and for the hundreds of students he inspired and outraged.

Bob left quite an impression. He looked like Benny Hill and often dressed like Hello Kitty. The Bob I knew was by turns impulsive, childish, combative, candid, and generous. He was, however, always passionate and despite a goofball facade, exceptionally bright and perceptive. Bob was also an inspired cartoonist. When I left SCAD, Bob gave me a going away present: a sketchbook that contained a hilarious and heartfelt story featuring caricatures of the entire sequential art faculty. I think he whipped it out in an hour. There are few books I treasure as much as this one. It takes me back in time and reminds me of the most magical side of a difficult and talented colleague. Good luck going forward, Bob.
— James Sturm




all images by Bob Pendarvis!

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5 Responses to Remembering Pendarvis

  1. Isaac says:

    That final page you quote is really hilarious. I can’t tell whether it’s the neckline or the dark circles under the eyes, but something in that image is just indelible.

  2. cat says:

    haha. that last panel/page is a Spiderman/Mary Jane quote, yeah? James, you’ve never looked sexier! Great post!

  3. sturmreader says:

    Thanks, Cat. I was sexier then, especially when I did my MJ thing. The character saying, “Now, Bob…” is a spot on picture of SCAD prof Mark Kneece.

  4. JP says:

    Wow, what a bummer!! Bob was one of my favorite professors at SCAD and was the only one to really encourage me to come to CCS.

    He’ll be missed, I’m sure!

  5. well, this was fun! i just googled my name and this delightful site popped up. thanks for the kind words, although “difficult” might not fall into that category (although, on second thought, it’s not exactly INAPPROPRIATE either…as i was always a bit of a rebel/sweetheart/monster/friend to all.
    you should have posted the ENTIRE book, though. surely my rendition of paul or dave would be worth a look…
    anyhooz, thanks again for the kind words and i wish you and yours all the bestest!!!

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