Paul Pope and Sam Hiti

Last Thursday, long time friends Paul Pope and Sam Hiti visited The Center for Cartoon Studies. They talked not about their long line of comics and publisher histories but on the drive behind their comic creative successes and how they have managed to be working cartoonists for decades.

A panel from Hiti’s Death-Day

While Hiti is married with children, Pope is in a long term relationship with a performance artist and has a freer schedule. Pope said that life is all comics to him, one aspect of his life affects another. Hiti’s work schedule allows him to work during the day in his studio, whether on his long ancient civilization history series for Lerner or comics, and his family life is completely separate.

Pope working in the CCS lab with student Romey Bensen

What both creators agree on is reading a variety of books, and enjoying all the creative works of other people, be it plays, movies, or novels. And that comics is a lot of work, feast and famine. They send each other articles and pages or thumbnails of their current work. “For Your Eyes Only” is their old joke but the two operate for each other as sounding boards, despite working with different genres of comics. They encouraged students to have someone like in their lives, just as Steve Bissette always preaches. Your classmates will be your editorial family, use them and help them.

Pope’s White River Junction inks

Do you have a creative work buddy?

-Jen Vaughn

CCS Librarian

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  1. jesse mead says:

    oh, and Paul did that sweeeeeet drawing on NEWSPRINT!

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