MoCCA Comic Debuts!

The Schulz Graphic Novel Library is proud to announce the mini-comic and comic book MoCCA debuts of students, alumni and faculty of the Center for Cartoon Studies. Look for these amazing comics and more along the back wall of MoCCA this weekend! 

B.F.F. by Laura Terry is a bittersweet tale of young friends and young love with a gorgeous fold-out cover.

Terry will also be handing out B.F.F. heart pins as modeled by former child actor (from The Crucible film to the Burger King Kid’s Club commercials) Josh Labove and a former pageant contestant (Ms. Northwest Las Vegas of Junior America to be exact). Wear Terry’s hearts over your true ticker or put your heart on your sleeve.

KIDS, a kid-friendly comic anthology edited by Jose-Luis Olivares and Melissa Mendes features work by Charles Forsman, Dane Martin, Alex Kim, Robyn Chapman, Joe Lambert and Max de Radigues (as well as many other cartoonists!)

Sugar Baby by Nomi Kane is 40 pages of action (read: puking and crying) packed true comics about her diabetes diagnosis, being a kid and the love of an always supportive and often hilarious family.

This Isn’t Working: Comics about Ex-Boyfriends is an anthology edited by Robyn Chapman featuring Chapman, Caitlin Plovnick, Jen Vaughn (yes, me), as well as some other talented morose ladytoonists.

The Trials of Sir Christopher by Colleen Frakes is a collection of two graphic novels, each completed as a part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November of 2009 and 2010. The story is about a bumbling knight, Sir Christopher, and the monsters he battles. Ages 12 and up (some violence)

City of Cards by CJ Joughlin is the preview of an emotion-charged story following two men named Plato and Ace in a society dominated by corporate regulations (different form our own, of course).

Bill Volk and Casey Bohn‘s Stranger Knights #1 is an action anthology in the spirit of visual fun. A Mesopotamian god fights an infinite number of robots, a space princess outwits dinosaurs, and a guitarist spreads love through the cosmos. For all ages.

Holy Shit, a comics anthology on religion and spiritual musings with a few new endings featuring the work of Katie Moody, Dakota McFadzean, Sean Knickerbocker and Mia Onorato.

Leftovers are Good Luck by Lena Chandhok is a collection of Chandhok’s short comics, including It Never Snows In San Papel, the never-before-seen Robot Baby, comics from Hourly Comics Day, and a bunch of diary comics.

Behind the Stars by Andy Warner features a loose adaptation of an Aesop fable called “The Eagle and the Tortoise” in addition to some other excellent short stories.

And the library’s own Caitlin McGurk will be selling packs of Wutang cards! Check out these illos!

We hope to see ALL of you at MoCCA!

-Jen Vaughn

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