Matsumoto Taiyō: A Comic-Essay

Note: Steve Bissette and I are teaching a course in contemporary comics history (Survey of the Drawn Story II, as it’s properly known).  Our students are required to submit an essay, in blog form, on an aspect of contemporary comics history.  They are restricted to the period of 1969 – present.

Today’s essay is by Canto.  Enjoy!

- Robyn Chapman


It is not Matsumoto who is making me buy his manga, but my love for his work and poor impulse control. Any and all responsibility for my actions rests solely on my shoulders.

 - Canto


Interview: Taiyo Mastumoto (1995) at Comics 212

Comic Creator: Taiyo Matsumoto

Tekkonkinkreet (Viz All-in-One edition)

GoGo Monster (Viz Signature edition)

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2 Responses to Matsumoto Taiyō: A Comic-Essay

  1. Matthew says:

    No. 5 is awesome. Wish more volumes had been released.

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