Freshmen Anthologies are in!

The notorious Freshmen Anthology project is a foreboding one, but as usual CCS’s newest class pulled through in style! For the assignment, the class is randomly divided into quarters, making for around 5 students per group. Each group gets to choose their own theme, and over a few short weeks create an anthology with a special focus on binding techniques.

“Missing” is an anthology by Jai Granofsky, Dave Weinar, Molly Howard, Andy Warner and Kate Larson. Cleverly bound to resemble a missing-persons case file, each cartoonist built their story around a lost girl named Ali Martin, separating the chapters with tabbed page-dividers.

The “Mur” anthology was compiled by Melanie Gillman, Donna Almendrala, Bill Bedard, Adrienne Nunez and Jan Burger. The contents are weaved around an ancient civilization, including vignettes on human relations and the treasures the city held, to its excavation in the distant future.

“Holy Shit” is a gold-trimmed and burgundy bible-ribboned comics anthology by Sean Knickerbocker, Dakota McFadzean, Katie Moody and Amelia Onorato. Including historical retellings of religious lore, personal stories, and one incredible rendition of the pope, this anthology preaches the personal gospel according to each contributor.

As the introduction to “Dark Art” anthology claims, this “is a new collection of malevolent one-pagers from our favorite artists, who deftly handle the macabre matter.”  Taking on at least nine pseudonyms each, Bailey Sharp, Rio Taylor, Wade Simpson, and Nate Wooters tackled the project by pumping out stylistically-unique one pagers and gags both humorous and disturbing.

Each anthology is bound dramatically different, and all teeter on 50+ pages in length. Amazing work, congratulations class of 2012!

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  1. vollsticks says:

    These look absolutely gorgeous! When will they be on sale and can they be shipped to the UK? Really hope so! All the best,


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