CCS at SPX: The One Sheet Workshop

Since we opened our doors in 2005, CCS has made the annual trek to Bethesda for one of our favorite conventions: The Small Press Expo.  This year we offered a 1-hour session on self-publishing called the One Sheet Workshop.  In only 30 minutes, over a hundred participants drew, folded, and bound their own 8-page comic.  Their only materials were a pencil and a single sheet of paper.  Sound like magic?  It is, and we’ll show you the trick!

First, Alec Longstreth shared his top 10 tips for self-publishing.  

Then, Jon Chad walked us, step-by-step, through the process of making a Hidden Book.  

The Hidden Book format is produced from a single sheet of paper–no trimming or binding is required.  How is this possible?  We asked book-binding guru Beth Hetland to illustrate a how-to.  Here are the basic steps from her handout.

There you go!  Lie it flat and slap it on a photocopier.  Now you’re self-publishing!

– Robyn Chapman

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3 Responses to CCS at SPX: The One Sheet Workshop

  1. charles F says:

    Not quite.. you have to cut the paper, the diagram doesn’t do a very good job of describing that.

  2. Robyn Chapman says:

    My bad, not the diagram. That image didn’t get posted. It’s up there now. Thanks for the observation.

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