Car-Tooning Across America

My time in the small town of White River Junction draws to a close this weekend. The town has embraced the cartooning population with such fervor. We have held book release parties, designed cocktail bar logos, illustrated activity books, helped pass voting initiatives through comics, and taught more than one comics class at local schools and much, much more. But now I’m on the road with my trusty boyfriend, Ryan, to Seattle and we’re taking the Schulz Library show on the road!

Pink = portfolio reviews and door prizes, orange = future special door prizes!

Our first stop is Monday, June 4th at Copacetic Comics. From noon to 2pm, I’ll be hanging out at the best store in Pennsylvania ready to answer you questions about The Center for Cartoon Studies and review your portfolios or sketchbooks. Anyone who completes a portfolio review will receive an application fee waiver (that’s a $50 value in Cartoon Bucks!). Copacetic Comics will also have a large stack of our newest Schulz Library Tote Bag to give out as they see fit and posters about the CCS summer workshops. Come on in to buy some comics and let’s talk art school!

Jim Rugg‘s comic map of Copacetic Comics

Our road trip will take on through some great towns. We’ll be going to our favorite stores like Quimby’s in Chicago and Big Brain Comics near the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis. Make sure to stop by those stores in the next few weeks at a chance to win a Schulz Tote Bag as door prizes and ready a copy of The Cartoon Crier!

Linus is our kind of guy

The last stop will be at Saranac Art Projects a co-op gallery in Spokane, WA (pronounced spo-CAN, not spo-CANE). On Saturday, June 9th starting at 2pm I’ll give a talk about life at The Center for Cartoon Studies and be ready to review more of your comic portfolios. Once again, we’ll have application fee waivers available for anyone who listens to me jaw on a bit about their work!

Saranac Art Projects gallery during a recent show

Some of our other rest stops include Bloomington, Indiana and Billings, Montana; we’ll really get to see how beautiful this country can be! To suggest your favorite roadside attractions during our trip and see some quality comic pictures, follow and tweet at @CartoonStudies from Sunday to Sunday!

Jen Vaughn

CCS Librarian-at-large, last seen heading towards Seattle

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2 Responses to Car-Tooning Across America

  1. Modern Myths says:

    Wish I had seen this earlier! Would have invited you to stop off at Modern Myths in Northampton MA as you kicked off your trip!

  2. sfer says:

    Is it possible to purchase one of those pretty tote bags somewhere online?
    It would look so nice hanging right next to my Seth tote from The Strand… :-)

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