Bootdeep in Texas

Austin Books and Comics’ Brandon Zuern

What a whirlwind! In case you have wondered where the Schulz Library Blog as been, the answer is EVERYWHERE. Truthfully, I was in Austin, TX covering the SXSW Interactive Conference for comics news blog, THE BEAT. It was a week of beautiful March weather and food so good I might have cried. During that time, I was hired to review the newest comic books and graphic novels at The Comics Journal! If you thought it was all about comics NOW, just wait. But the Schulz Library Blog will continue to host the best reviews of the oddest books in our collection as well as the amazing events and lives of our student ‘toonies. And SPEAKING of blogs, did you notice the loverly Caitlin Plovnick’s writeup on the Schulz Library at Diamond’s blog? Check out Diamond Bookshelf today!

Superman’s writer, Chris Roberson, and his wife, Allison B. met up with me!

While in Austin, I stopped by my old comic book store: Austin Books and Comics. Back when I was a resident assistant at an international hostel to Never-Be-Named, that fine comic shop was my escape. Affectionately called ABC by its loyal customer base, this comic book store started as a sister store to Bankston’s Comics and Collectible in Waco. Hosting events like the Non-San Diego Comic Con Parties and sponsoring KA-BAAM! the super hero improv show cemented ABC as one of the top ten comic book stores in the nation time and time again.

Clockwise from top left: visiting comic book writer Ryan Yount and owner, Brad Bankston. Jason Vines, Jeff Miller, Kacey Samiee of KA-BAAM!, actor Jon Clinkenbeard in tuxedo Martian Manhunter shirt, goofbag Jen Vaughn dressed as Manhunter (costumes were always welcome)

The Center for Cartoon Studies is known for its excellent MFA program and summer workshops but within the last year a number of One-Sheet workshops have occurred around the US. Brooklyn’s Silent Barn hosted a workshop and mini-convention in led by the nefarious Robyn Chapman, Nomi Kane and Max Mose. Since I had one free day before heading back to blustery Vermont, Austin Books and Comics was gracious enough to let me host a One-Sheet Workshop as well.

Several excellent cartoonists showed up like Noel Kalmus, Brendan Kiefer, and former Daily Texan comics editor Carolynn Calabrese. The progeny of Chris Roberson, the man and legend currently writing Superman, showed up and made TWO comics featuring delicious and horrifying vertical-mouthed monsters.

Here are the fruits of their wrath!

Brendan Keifer

Carolynn Calabrese

Jen Vaughn

Two page spread from Noel Kalmus

Keep an ear to the ground and eyes on those gutters, there may be a One-Sheet Workshop near you soon! A big thank you once again to Austin Books and Comics.


P.S. This professor’s name is ACTUALLY Bruce Banner! His daughter and I tried to get him to hulk out but no such luck.

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  1. cat says:

    yay! austin books! yay, daily texan cartoonist editors!!! YAY!!!

    Also, if you want good tacos alls you gotta do is ask! What kind you want? Bistek? Fajita??

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