2016 Anthology Project

Cover of the Lighter anthology from the 2018 class project

When the students in their first year at The Center for Cartoon Studies got back from a (hopefully) nice little vacation, they were assigned one of the most difficult assignments in the whole program, the classic comic. Each year, the students are assigned a new theme, and this year they got Golden Age animal funnies. In two weeks, they must use the old-school workflow where everyone works together to make a single cohesive comic book to create their own 28-page floppy.


Lighter anthology cover

Lighter was created by Mary Shyne, Whiteley Foster, Sophie Hughes, and Daryl Seitchik.






On Edge

On Edge anthology cover

On Edge was created by Rachel Ford, Dan Nott, Trevor Richardson, and Erich Wunderlich.





As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below anthology cover

As Above, So Below was created by Andi Santagata, Rainer Kannenstine, Erienne McCray, Alex Foller, and Jess Johnson.





Photos courtesy Abe Olson.


About Angela Boyle

Angela is an alum at the Center for Cartoon Studies (class of 2016), and a natural science illustrator. She hails from Washington state and has 2 corgis, Nisa and Ernie. View her work at angelaboyle.flyingdodostudio.com.
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