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Bagels, Lox, Beans in a Can

So today is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year. According to Wikipedia, general observance of Yom Kippur calls for fasting, no wearing of leather shoes, no bathing and washing, and no marital relations. “A parallel has been … Continue reading

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It only makes sense that a state that has a Cartoonist Laureate has a cartoon character running for Senate.

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  So yesterday the new Adventures in Cartooning book dropped. This is the third book in the series (and another is wrapped up already).  I am fortunate to have two great collaborators— Alexis Frederick-Frost and Andrew Arnold— and the question … Continue reading

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Recent Acquisitions, Part 1

My interest in building up an archive of original artwork for CCS was primarily pedagogical. By looking at originals a cartoonist can better understand how an artist drew a page. What tools were used? Did they rule out guidelines for … Continue reading

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Thanks to everyone who came to White River Junction to attend Paul Karasik’s Master Class in Comics Narrative! Paul and eight (very photogenic) students broke in CCS’s new building with one intense week of living, breathing, and making comics. BUT IT’S … Continue reading

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New on the Shelf

Of Crockett Johnson’s two most famous creations, the comic strip Barnaby and the children’s book Harold and his Purple Crayon, it was the former that I admired and the later that I loved. In fact, my children’s GN, Adventures in … Continue reading

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2012-2013 CCS THESIS ADVISORS Every year cartoonists (as well as editors and publishers working in the cartoon industry) generously agree to help a CCS student as they work on a year-long thesis project. A heartfelt thanks to this year’s advisors: … Continue reading

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