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ABC-Book Library Rumble: Let’s Blow These Alphabets into Alpha-Bits

By Katie Moody – A smattering of alphabet books live among the various children’s books here at the Schulz Library. Good alphabet books are deceptively simple, and—just like good comics—read so effortlessly that you suspect that making the thing must’ve … Continue reading

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The Bride’s Thank-You Note Handbook

This slim volume by Marilyn Werner is my go-to gift at a wedding where A) you know the bride has a sense of humor and B) might already own enough ‘original artwork’ made by you to line a lion’s cage. … Continue reading

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Patsy and Hedy: Career Girls!

Oh my, look what dusty floppy comic book was hidden on one of our spinner racks at the Schulz Library! And is that the official seal of approval by the Comics Code? I know that MUST be true considering this … Continue reading

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Dandy Annual is Just Dand-GREAT

Stolen from Wikipedia but still remains true: This article is about the comic. For the men placing particular importance upon physical appearance, see Dandy. After a previous love affair betwixt the pages of Beano, a publication featuring the OTHER Denis … Continue reading

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Nomi Kane Makes Her Mark

Nomi Kane is a member of CCS’ most recent graduating class, the class of 2011. It is a very close knit and ambitious class, and it made history as the first CCS class to have each graduate pass their thesis … Continue reading

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Hexing with Gaylord Phoenix

Hex, hex, hex. Lust, lust, lust. Edie Fake’s newest book published by we-do-what-we-want publisher Secret Acres is something I didn’t even know I wanted in comics. Was I prepared? No. Did I need my luggage packed? No, I just leave … Continue reading

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