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Virunga, a collaborative graphic novel

Born from the hands of many comes a tale of art, struggle  and the right to live. Stanford University created a class back in 2007 that combines the talents of undergraduate and graduate writers and artists. From outlines and sketches … Continue reading

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Sam Carbaugh: Helping the world panel by panel

Sam Carbaugh of CCS class 2009 is unique in his quiet quality. Around our town of White River Junction Sam is known as the guy that owns that cute mop of a dog, Chewie, but don’t let his his easy-going … Continue reading

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Now You’re Logging!

Now You’re Logging by Bus Griffiths follows the life and times of two loggers during the dirty 30’s. As a former logger and artist, Griffiths wanted to capture the inside story of the industry. What better way to do that than with words and pictures?! Continue reading

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Standardization, Experience, Community: E-publishing (From a Comics Perspective)

By:  Adrienne Nunez Adrienne is a multi-media artist and current MFA student at The Center for Cartoon Studies. With support from the Center for Cartoon Studies, I was recently able to attend the 2011 IDPF Digital Book Conference.  This was … Continue reading

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MeCAF Memories

The business part of the cartoonist brain remembers conventions based on sales of books, the number of books flipped through compared to purchased, proper table displays and being gregarious while avoiding, as always, the hard sell. Continue reading

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