2010 Year End Report

Portland, OR based cartoonist, Zack Soto, swings by to check out our library.

The Schulz Library at The Center for Cartoon Studies is now in its fifth year of operation, and our collection has grown to 9,500 books.  These include 1,845 graphic novels, 834 books of comic strips, 702 books of manga, 569 books from the super hero genre, and 339 European bandes dessinees.

This year we were lucky enough to bring on interim librarian, Caitlin McGurk, to head up transitioning the library collection into the digital realm, with a robost online catalog system, and circulation management. Caitlin will be working on this project over the spring and summer term. Recently graduated from Palmer School of Manhattan, Caitlin has worked primarily with  comics collections and alternative libraries such as Bulliet Comics Collection at Columbia University, Marvel Comics, and CUNY Hunter’s Zabar Art Library.

A view from inside our library, looking out at the glorious White River Junction.

We said good-bye to Chuck Forsman and Robyn Chapman as they moved on to different parts of the world but still reside fondly in our hearts. Robyn still writes for this blog while enjoying the noise and food of New York.

You may have noticed our slick new website design for the ol’ Schulz Blog. It’s like icing on the very best cake and makes the books we talk about sing from screen.

Caitlin is heading up our new systems information project. We are switching to the KOHA based library catalog which will be accessible online to the students. This means we are actually touching all 9,500 books in the library and will soon exclusively use a sassy bar code scanner (maybe even with a leather-belted holster) to check books out to the students.

CCS Fellow ’10-’11, Dave Libens, reads The Last Unicorn (published by IDW) on an iPad.

A large, library-shaped hug goes out to The Ann and Will Eisner Technology Initiative which led to the acquisition of several ereaders. Our Kindle, eReader and iPad are the height of too-muchery, part of the future of publishing and the students cannot keep their just-washed hands off of them!

Many, many, many cartoonists stop by during the year to grace the library with their presence and run their fingers over the spines of our vast collection. Occasionally, we capture a moment or two. Here Jules Fieffer is giving me the what for on cartoonist, Milton Caniff.

We do welcome you to read our other blog, CCS Visiting Faculty, that focuses on you guessed it, the visiting cartoonists, writers, publishers, animators and occasional puppeteer who grace our classrooms. These creators range in age, subject and of course medium. Their talent and wit is captured by our own Pat Barrett.

Photo by Joe Lambert.

We are also the lucky recipients of hundreds of donations. Picture above is Professor Alec Longstreth with visiting artist, Scott C., staring in awe of our highly allusive Carl Barks books “The Fine Art of Walt Disney’s Donald Duck.” Many thanks go out to anyone who donates a book, whether it was one or one hundred!

If you would like to donate books, please send them to following address and please browse our Amazon Wish List for donation suggestions.:

The Center for Cartoon Studies
ATTN: Schulz Library
PO BOX 125
94 South Main Street
White River Junction, 05001

Jen Vaughn

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  2. Moody says:

    Best. Library. EVAR.

    (NTM the fiiinest librarians!)

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