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Witzend and Trashcans

There are so many little treasures in these walls.  Take Witzend for instance.  I never thought in a million years would I see a copy of this (can I call it a zine?)lovely publication.  The periodical that Wally Wood started … Continue reading

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All Across the Ocean

Recently CCS second year student, Kevin Kilgore, embarked on two journeys. First, he and his wife (Nahee) brought a new life into the world. Affectionately called Baby X by his dad’s peers, our new friend accompanied Dad even to the library. … Continue reading

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The Fathers of Modern Science Fiction

If you want to take a closer look at the history of science fiction in America, then a good place to start is with the dynamic duo of Hugo Gernsback and Frank R. Paul. Hugo Gernsback was born in Luxembourg … Continue reading

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Incoming: The Sony eReader

Introducing the Sony eReader, the latest addition to the Schulz Library!  Are you curious about digital readers? Do you want to learn more about the role comics can play in this new technology?  Take this gadget out for a whirl! … Continue reading

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My Every Single Thought…plus a few more

First off, the last name is said “Mu” as in music and ‘-cha’ as in cha cha cha! Now that we are settled, let’s discuss some quality comics made by Xeric Award winner, Corinne Mucha (My Alaskan Summer). Having emailed … Continue reading

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Unicorn Mountain: The Black Forest

During my time at the Small Press Expo this passed weekend I never was able to find the Unicorn Mountain table.  Luckily a very nice man by the name of Curt Gettman came up and talked to me and we … Continue reading

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