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Next Up Visiting Artist:
Glynnis Fawkes


Glynnis Fawkes has a background in art and art history. During a Fulbright Fellowship to Cyprus, she published a book of paintings, Archaeology Lives in Cyprus, and a book of cartoons, Cartoons of Cyprus. She spent almost 10 years working as an illustrator on archaeological projects and excavations in Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, and continues to work in Greece. Glynnis has exhibited paintings in Boston, London, Nicosia, Wollongong, at the Laura Russo Gallery in Portland, OR, and in Burlington, VT, where she lives today. She is also a member of the NY-based web comic collective

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CCS Fall Visiting Artist Line Up!

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The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) Fall Visiting Artist lineup is here!  Cartoonists and artists due to visit the school this semester include David Sipress, Noelle Stevenson, Dylan Horrocks, R. Sikoryak, Kriota Wilberg, Box Brown, Gregory Benton, John Porcellino, Liniers, Julie Delporte, Katie Skelly, Glynnis Fawkes, and Noah Van Sciver.

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SEVEN DAYS: The Cartoon Issue


Vermont’s SEVEN DAYS Annual Cartoon Issue

Featuring cartoons by graduates of CCS: Melanie Gillman, Eleri Mai Harris, Luke Healy, Josh Lees, Dakota McFadzean, Aaron Shrewsbury, and Andy Warner! Contributors also include recent CCS fellow Nicole Georges, faculty Jon Chad, Tom Azarian, Alison Bechdel, Jason Cooley, Glynnis Fawkes, Ghostshrimp, Theo Ellsworth, Kaz, James Kochalka, Vermont Cartoonist Laureate Ed Koren, John Kovaleski, Rachel Lindsay, Matt Morris, and Tim Newcomb.

Pick up a print copy today!  Click here to read the Digital Edition!

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