Ladybroad Ledger, Issue #2

The Ladybroad Ledger, Issue #1

This week was the launch of the GoFundMe to print Issue #2 of The Ladybroad Ledger—an anthology newspaper of femme alt cartoonists from Vermont run by Stephanie Zuppo (’15). Issue #1 was released earlier this year and issue #2 is coming out this summer. It is a twice-yearly publication that we all hope to look forward to for a long time.

Stephanie Zuppo with The Ladybroad Ledger, Issue #1

Ladybroad Ledger, Issue #1, was a success. Issue #2 is coming out soon. Why did you start this amazing project?

After attending The Center for Cartoon Studies, I followed my husband to Burlington for work. I knew of a few ladytoonists who were making comics outside of the CCS community, like Rachel Lindsay and Glynnis Fawkes (oh, and I guess Alison Bechdel…), but that turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg. I discovered a budding community of female and nonbinary cartoonists in Burlington who all wanted to get to know and support each other. A few of us got together and gave a reading at a local gallery and it went so well that we had to keep up the momentum! That’s when I pitched the idea of The Ladybroad Ledger, loosely based off of the many alt-comics newspapers that exist in major cities throughout the US.

Angela Boyle (’16) (your intrepid blogger) and Bridget Comeau (’15) at the release part for The Ladybroad Ledger, Issue #1.

How has it been keeping track of the logistics of running an anthology newspaper?

I actually really enjoy this type of work! This wasn’t my first time running an anthology; I also co-run a video game fanzine called Blank Party with a few friends. I’ve gotten pretty good at planning projects, wrangling contributors, and editing everything together. Now that I’ve done it a few times, I’ve gotten MUCH BETTER at keeping everything on schedule too!

Stephanie Zuppo (’15) cutting the cake a the first release party with a sword.

When can we look forward to Issue #2 and how can we help it get printed?

Issue #2 will be out in mid-July, with a release party (to be announced) in the beginning of August. The best way to help us would be to share or donate to our GoFundMe campaign! Everyone who contributes will receive a digital PDF of the issue after it’s been printed.

Silly spray and crowns for contributors at the first release party.

What has been your favorite experience running this anthology newspaper so far?

Oh my goodness, the reaction to the first issue was waaaaay better than I expected! We were featured in Seven Days and on VPR’s Vermont Edition. I’ve been connected to a bunch of new cartoonists that I didn’t know about before I started the paper, and have met so many people who have been inspired to try telling their stories through comics to get into the next issue. Vermont is such a comics friendly state! It’s been a wonderful experience all around.

Interview by Angela Boyle (’16).

stack of The Ladybroad Ledger, Issue #1

Rachel Lindsay, cofounder of The Ladybroad Ledger.

Angela (that’s me again) petting one of TWO dogs at Generator, the maker space where the first release party was hosted.

Santiago Naranjo (’16) and Joe Davidson (’16) at the release party showing support for their favorite Vermont femme cartoonists.

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