Visiting Artist: Dean Haspiel

Dean Haspiel

Dean Haspiel is a humble cartoonist. He says he got opportunities before he was ready, so he simply did the best he could.

Dean and Luke get the giggles

Dean introduced himself by reading a bunch of his own comics. For those with multiple characters, he picked students to read different character’s parts, leading to a fairly unique and funny presentation.

Dean, Kane Lynch (’16), and Catherine Garbarino (’17) reading

Dean and Jess Johnson (’18) reading

He grew up in the Silver Age of comics. So, of course, he wanted to be a superhero cartoonist. And even though those days have passed, now when someone wants that Silver Age vibe, they hire him.

Dean giving himself a fist bump (not really).

Though an admitted introvert, he was a really funny and personable speaker. He also addressed  the shy thing. He recognizes that in professional settings, such as speaking at a comics school, he can’t afford to follow his introverted, shy nature. So he does the best he can and has ended up being quite outgoing. Leading by example, he reached out to the students and invited them all to come hang out later in the evening.

Dean’s name board, drawn by Luke Howard

A taste of Dean’s work

Dean showing his work

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