Visiting Artist: Rebecca Mock

Rebecca Mock speaks at The Center for Cartoon Studies.

An instant favorite, Rebecca Mock spoke frankly about the trials and tribulations in pricing her work. She discussed openly how she prices her work now because it benefits only the big companies when artists don’t engage in conversation about how much they make. Rebecca is a freelance illustrator, comic book artist, and animator. Her first graphic novel, Compass South, was written by Hope Larson.

Rebecca Mock explains.

Rebecca is most well known for her beautiful art and “quitely contemplative” gifs, as Benjamin Starr wrote on Visual News. The students asked about how she gets her atmospheric color palettes. The trick is that she uses swatches to easily change the colors. Then she goes through forty or fifty iterations before finally finding the colors she likes.

Rebecca is a serious pro. Her attitude is refreshingly upbeat and professional.

Moss Bastille (’17), Darryl Seitchik (’18), Jess Johnson (’18), and Erienne McCray (’18)crowd around Rebecca’s art.

Script and thumbnails by Rebecca for "Compass North."

Script and thumbnails by Rebecca for Compass North.

Rebecca was one of the few artists who people were shooed away from her art after the break to start the talk again.

The Old Woman is a sci-fic comic from 2014.

Rebecca brought prints of her work for people to view.

Whitely Foster (’18)

Robyn-Brooke Smith (’17)

Laura Martin (’17)

Jarad Greene (’17)

Photos courtesy Abe Olson.

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