The Ladybroad Ledger: A new comics newspaper featuring female creators from Vermont


Stephanie Zuppo (’15) and Rachel Lindsay are the driving force behind The Ladybroad Ledger, a free comics newspaper featuring female comics creators from Vermont. The first issue of the newspaper (12 pages) is now being distributed at schools, libraries, and businesses throughout Vermont. Their plan is to put out an issue twice a year. This issue of the black-and-white paper features comics by Rachel Lindsay, Julianna Brazil, Laura Martin (’17), Sandy Bartholomew (’17), Bridget Comeau (’15), Susan Norton, Angela Boyle (’16 – yes, that is me), Kelly Swann (’16), Michelle Sayles, Iona Fox (’15), and Stephanie herself, along with a cover color and short interview with Glynnis Fawkes.

What started the idea for this newspaper comic? 

Last spring, a bunch of us ladytoonists got together in Burlington, Vermont, and organized an all-female comics reading at a local gallery. For many of the attendees, this was the first time that they had the opportunity to learn about all of the diverse female cartoonist talent in the state. It ended up being a great success and we really wanted to build on that experience.

I was inspired by alternative comics newspapers that pop up in a lot of major cities (like Secret Prison from my home city of Philadelphia, PA), and Rachel is a huge fan of The Wimmen’s Comix movement. The Ladybroad Ledger is a mix of both!


Why this format in particular, a free, local newspaper?

I really wanted to make this paper as appealing as possible to regular people who wouldn’t typically go into a comic shop and buy a comic. The comics in the paper span a wide variety of subjects and styles and challenge a lot of preconceived ideas that people have about comics . . . for example, that comics must include superheros, be funny, fictional, or for kids. Vermont also has a TON of fantastic lady cartoonist talent that more people should know about! Printing a large number of copies affordably and distributing them for free is a great way to promote the cartoonists inside.

What is your next step in the plan to take over Vermont with this free paper?

Distribution! I have a lot of great people who are helping us distribute the paper to all corners of Vermont, but we’re always looking for more! If you’re an individual or business who would like to help, please email us at


Where can readers get copies?

You can find them in schools, libraries, bookstores, comic shops, coffee houses, and businesses throughout Vermont as well as comic conventions in New England. We’ll also have plenty of copies at Green Mountain Comic Expo and at our release party at Generator on March 4th!

If you’re unable to find a copy or are not local to Vermont, you can also download a free PDF here.

Steph and her husband, John, hard at work

Steph and her husband, John, hard at work

How do cartoonists get their own work in this newspaper?

If you’re a lady-identifying, lady-presenting, or lady-like person who makes comics in Vermont and would like to get involved, we would love for you to be a part of our upcoming Summer issue!

Submission Guidelines:

  • There is no content restriction and no age restriction for The Ladybroad Ledger. Just keep in mind that the paper is distributed for free (sometimes at businesses) throughout Vermont.
  • Each artist will have ½ to 1 full page to fill up. This space can be used for one long comic or several small comics. Please do not send us multi-page submissions.
  • The working area is 10.25” x 16” at 300DPI. Black and white.
  • This publication will be curated if we receive more submissions than we have room for.

For more information about submissions, follow us on Facebook or email us at


-Angela Boyle ’16

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