Why We Work:
The Schulz Library

In the summer of 2011, as the White River swelled during Hurricane Irene, a bucket brigade of cartoon students, CCS staff, and community members, evacuated the library’s 10,000 volumes. Emotions ran high that night as graphic novels, comic strip collections, and mini-comics passed from hand-to-hand. As a community of cartoonists we are well aware of the debt we owe those that came before us and the appreciation for these books (and the cartoonists who made them) fueled a heroic effort. Working through the night, not a single volume was lost.

A year later, The Schulz Library moved into its new home in the old Post Office building. Thanks to donations from publishers, cartoonists, and faculty members the collection continues to grow. Thanks to R.Sikoryak and The Will Eisner Technology Initiative, the Schulz Library now has a new digital collection of thousands of golden and silver age comic books in a searchable data base. EReaders, iPads, scanners and laptops are also available for check-out. There’s hot tea for those who want to relax in one of the library’s comfy chairs where a cold winter’s day can be spent discovering a new favorite cartoonist or reading the book that made you want to become a cartoonist in the first place

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